Mako loves warm sub bass and weighty homemade breaks and that passion has gained him the attention of Metalheadz, Symmetry, Dispatch, Samurai Music and Soul:R as well as many others. With more than ten years in the game, Mako's success is certainly born of hard work as well as talent. but he is quick to remind people that he has been lucky to share studio time with a number of amazing artists – Teebee, DLR, Marcus Intalex, Seba, Break, Total Science, Villem, Hydro amongst others. Respected by his peers he has done numerous remixes, most recently of Goldie and Throwing Snow.

Not many producers can claim to have had two EP’s on two of the biggest, most well respected drum and bass labels in the same month and still make them sound completely different. Mako, however, achieved this feat, demonstrating his poise and diversity in the studio. Many eager fans waited impatiently for the release of his “Truth-seekers EP” on Metalheadz, closely followed by his debut Dispatch Recordings EP, the amen strewn “Back To The Source EP”, which saw some stellar support from the likes of DJ Hype, SPY, Dillinja & Doc Scott to name a few. Then saw the highly anticipated 'Narrator EP' finally being released on Metalheadz as well as his solo debut on the well respected Samurai Music label with support from Calyx and Teebee, Noisia and Friction.

He had the honour and sweet sadness that comes with releasing the last ever Soul:R EP, one of its tunes seeing Mako alongside its beloved head honcho Marcus Intalex. Moving to the future he has an exciting solo project on Metalheadz completed alongside writing a second album for Mako's collaborative project with DLR, under the moniker 'OneMind'. Their first album was well received and a live project was born, forged recently and thrust into playing some of the biggest dance music festivals in the world.

In 2007 Mako created a Bristol based club night called Utopia to raise funds for the hospice looking after a friend's terminally ill mother. When he went on to launch his label in 2009 the Utopia name stuck and is a positive reminder of Mako's core values. He likes to champion new up and coming producers as well as coaxing the best tunes out of established major artists. The label has seen success with big releases such as D Bridge's remix of 'In The Raw'” and Mikal's “Headbanger”, as well as his own collaborations with Break on “Dilligence” and with Villem and Fields on “Cali Sleaze”. After a quiet 18 months, they hit back hard with a brand new Break 12”, an amazing album by Hydro, a debut 12” by Mzine and then Mako collaborated with Mikal on 'Under The Earth' for the latest vinyl release.

As we come into the Summer of 2020, he's released a solo Metalheadz album to critical acclaim to peers and public alike and has signed a follow up. As well as working on an extended player for Samurai Music he's also about to enter second album territory alongside DLR as live dnb act OneMind so he's keeping busy in the studio.