mdzslts01 mdzslts01

Fragments OG T-Shirt [Black]


mdzslts02 mdzslts02

Blue Note Fragmented T-Shirt [Black]


mdzslts03 mdzslts03

Goldie Signature T-Shirt [White]


mdzslts04 mdzslts04

Since 94 T-Shirt [Olive Green]


mdzslts05 mdzslts05

Metalheadz Still Life T-Shirt [Black]


mdzslts06 mdzslts06

Through The Lens OG T-Shirt [White]


mdzslsw01 mdzslsw01

Since 94 OG Sweatshirt [Black]


mdzslsw02 mdzslsw02

Fragmented Logo Sweatshirt [White]



mdzstcp01 mdzstcp01

Since 94 Cap [Black on Black]



mdzstcp02 mdzstcp02

Since 94 Cap [White on Black]


mdzstlpr01 mdzstlpr01

Fragments OG Print [A3]


Still Life - A Metalheadz capsule collection that draws on the origins and heritage of the label and Goldie’s Timeless journey. Through incidental images grabbed from camcorder footage of the time, Still Life Talking draws on unseen images from the birth of the label and the recording and touring of Timeless.

The capsule is based around the original Metalheadz merch collections with a nod to 90’s streetwear. The collection comprises of collectible, limited edition premium garments and life-style items, constructed from the finest materials, a must for the discerning Goldie, Metalheadz fan at this important landmark for British breakbeat culture.