Drum and bass Dj biograpies

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A Sides has been producing music since 1990 and has released over 500 tracks to date.


A Sides can like no other combine soulful vocals with rolling breaks and his heavy trademark bass, thus making his tracks work extremely well on the dancefloor. A quality that a variety of top DJs have long noticed. A Sides tracks appear regularly on playlists of big name djs like Grooverider, Fabio, Goldie and Andy C.


A Sides is known for his tight mixing skills and technicality as a dj, He is well connected with most of the major labels and producers in the industry so he is lucky to be blessed with a wide selection of music and some of the most exclusive material available.



This is mirrored in his versatile track selection. He plays across the board with his sets combining a mixture of all drum’n’bass flavours but A Sides versatility as a DJ also enables him to play specially requested, for example purely soulful, sets if need be.

Adam F

Adam F. was born in Liverpool and raised in the center of the local Merseyside music scene of the 70s. The British multi-hyphenate has built a stellar, transcontinental reputation as an award-winning, genre-crossing artist, music producer, vocalist, film composer, international dj, record label and publishing company owner and industry spokesperson (Urban Music Seminar, MCPS/PRS Alliance).


The self-taught musician is an accomplished pianist and guitarist whose unstoppable music career began in the mid 90s.


Adam toured for 18 months with a live band to support his debut album "COLOURS" (EMI/UK Records), his RIAA-certified Gold record, which featured Top 20 singles "Circles", "Music In My Mind” and "F-Jam" (which was also released on his own label imprint F-JAMS). "COLOURS" earned him a British MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Award for Best Album (MOBO=England's equivalent to an American Grammy).


>Adam immediately became an internationally in-demand dj, spinning at major music festivals and top nightclubs around the globe and appearing on magazine covers, television and radio shows worldwide. He also had his own Saturday night mix show on London's KISS 100FM.


Adam's collaborated with artists from David Bowie, The Pet Shop Boys (Top 5 single) and Everything But The Girl to Destiny's Child, Missy Elliott and Busta Rhymes. His album "KAOS: The Anti-Acoustic Warfare" (EMI/UK) featured the Brit producing De La Soul, LL Cool J, Guru, Noreaga (aka N.O.R.E.), Beenie Man, Redman and M.O.P. whose collaboration with Mr. F yielded the hit single and video “Stand Clear”.


In addition to a No. 1 Billboard Platinum Album, he's been awarded 5 RIAA-certified Gold discs, 11 UK Top 40 Singles, No. 1 Drum & Bass single, NME’s Top 5 World Producer and No. 1 UK Hip Hop Producer.



Rough or smooth, Agzilla spins many styles and faces of the jungle and drum..n bass genre. Agzilla started dj..ing in 1989, spinning hip hop and experimental breakbeat material of the likes of the Blapps Posse. His days..s of drum n..bass began in 1990 when his attention turned to the styles of Shut Up and Dance Records. From there on he was among the young heads that pioneered the early underground rave scene in Reykjavik, Iceland.


In 1991 Agzilla met Goldie who was painting murals at a club in Reykjavik. Goldie, Kemi and Jane trurned him on to RAGE at Heaven, a Thursday night gig hosted by Grooverider and Fabio in London. The legendary party, marked a turning point for Agzilla. Thor and Bjössi Biogen were indroduced to Goldie by Agzilla the same year. The engineering skills of these young and upcoming bedroom producers resulted in the collaboration between Goldie and Ajax. The AJAX project was released. 1992 Agzilla also released his first track, Rolling like Scottie - Rufige Cru, with Goldie on Reinforced Records; Enforcers picture plate series no.3.


During the up..s and down..s of the hardcore drum..n bass era Agzilla has spun at numerous parties and festivals ranging from Björk..s annual new year..s eve parties, with Howie B, Graham Masssey and Mark Farina to festivals with Prodigy, Aphex Twin and the Atari Teenage Riot. Agzilla was eager to spread the soaring sounds and hosted for a few years breakbeat shows at local and collage radio stations. Following the opening of his second record shop ELF 19 in 1996, Agzilla and his business partner President Bongo ( Gus Gus ) organized a weekly drum n.. bass event under the same name. To the pleasures of many young Icelandic heads, guests such as J Majik, Trace, Ed Rush, Nico, Dj Lee and Boymerang came to the small but erupted showdown.


After moving to the States, Agzilla toured with Goldie on his U.S. Timeless tour coast to coast, from September to November 1997. Other Dj gigs amongs his most rcent stops have included, Metalheadz, w/ Ink and Grooverider (London 06.20.99), Reykjavik Music festival, w/ Laurent Garner, Darren Emerson, Asia Dub Foundation and the Herbalizer (Iceland 06.22.00), Moby..s Chrismas party (NYC 12.21.01), Irving Plaza, Reprezent Live w/ Roni Size, Suv, Krust and Dj Die (NYC Giant Step 08.18.00), The Roxy w/ Goldie and Doc Scott (NYC Giant Step 04.06.00), Jungle Nation (NYC), Konkrete Jungle (NYC), Prohibited Beatz (NYC), 18th St. Lounge (DC

Alex Reece

Alex Reece is the creator of the jazzstep sound, a mix of drum 'n' bass and jazz, and one of the artists under the Metalheadz collective, who works also under the alias of Fallen Angel.

Though most interested in acid house and early Detroit techno, Alex Reece came to prominence in the mid-90s as a jungle star. His interest in techno began in the late '80s, when acid house was popular. Reece gradually earned enough money to buy turntables and a decent vinyl collection. He then began DJing and worked for Basement Records in 1992, engineering for Wax Doctor. Quitting his job to concentrate on making his own music, Reece first tried his hand at house (recording with brother Oscar as Exodus), but found it too formulaic. He realized that there was much more to explore in jungle/drum'n'bass, so he began to experiment.

His initial release appeared on the Sinister, Creative Wax and Moving Shadow labels, but Reece made his name with Metalheadz. Singles like 'Basic Principles' and 'Pulp Fiction' became jungle standards, showcasing his minimal style.





Alix Perez

2007 is looking to be a very big year for North London based DJ/producer Alix Perez. As one of the freshest young producers in the Drum and Bass scene and undoubtly one of it's most prolific up and coming DJ's. He already has a plethora of releases on established labels such as Shogun Audio, Liquid V, Bassbin, Creative Source, Horizons, Progress, Brigand and Fokuz. With tunes such as ‘Magnolias’, ‘Crown City’, ‘Solitary Native’, ‘Down the Line’, under his belt there aren’t many dj’s on the circuit without a Perez tune in their bag.

Originally from Belgium, Drum and Bass comes naturally to 21-year-old Alix, who has been immersed in music from an early age. Alix started to DJ at the age of 14 and progressed into production at 17, collaborating with other hotly tipped artists such as Jenna G, Redeyes, Sabre, MC Fats, Spectrasoul and Specific.

With residences at the legendary nights ”Swerve” and "Movement".Alix is also receiving bookings worldwide from Paris to Toronto. With his smooth, yet sophisticated selection, drawing for all the latest dubs. This man can’t fail to deliver

Alix also has numerous tracks play listed on BBC 1Xtra and heavy support from respected players within the scene, from Bukem to Bailey, he has been repped as "the one to watch" and "representing the future of Drum and Bass" With scene heavyweights such as Friction and Fabio giving him their full support he cannot fail to succeed

Already featured in Knowledge and ATM magazine, Alix is gaining strong exposure within the Drum and Bass scene worldwide for putting the soul back into Drum and Bass.

Into 2008 Alix & Sabre have a forthcoming release on Metalheadz with massive Everglade / God Fearing penned in for October. Watch this space for more Metalheadz releases.


Initially, Amit’s interest were seeded in computer programming, however, on being introduced to the sequencing package MasterSound, things took a different turn. Realising his passion and talent for music, Amit embarked on an HND in Music Technology, learning the processes involved in music production and experimenting with a myriad of different sounds from dub/ reggae to electro and punk rock. Upon leaving the protective gates of academia behind, he began to save up money for his first piece of equipment: The Akai S1000.

Amit's interest in Drum & Bass developed through his love of Belgium hardcore, highlighted by producers such as Joey Beltram and Fran Dewulf. It was the late 80’s and early 90’s and things were changing; there was a new sound emerging: sped up hip hop breaks - Drum & Bass. Listening to the sounds of Source Direct, Photek and Goldie all helped to anchor Amits D&B journey.

For the next few years, he continued crafting his sound and developing his vision. With influences from the lush Hindi soundscores of Naushad, haunting vocals of Muhammad Rafi, Mukesh & Egypts Om Khaltoum, to The Cure, Joy Division, Sonic Youth, Radiohead and African Bambaata, Amits unique sound was born. Described as ‘facist tribal dub with a warm eastern/gothic twist’ Amit’s big break came when he sent a track titled 'Eraser' to Digital which received a positive response from DJ Storm, Klute and various underground DJs.


Known to most as L – Double,  Asylum  was one of the first main heads in the drum & bass scene.

Huddersfield-born L Double has a real passion for music. He got his first big break through the hip hop scene when on tour with European DMC Scratch Champion, DJ Trix.
In 1995, he released the legendary ‘Da Base II Dark’ on Metalheadz.

By the Nineties L Double had UK top 30 success as a member of the cult house group, Unique 3.

L Double set up his own label, Flex, when faced with the issues of the commercial music industry. Flex enabled him to do what he loved most: creating music for the underground. With future projects and releases from artists including Roughcut, Anthony B, MC Top Cat, Tenor Fly, Kaidar & Supadark.

L Double's Galaxy 105FM drum & bass show, The Flex Connection, gave DJs a platform in the north, coupled with Flex events and residencies at STUSH, guest slots at the legendary AWOL and organised NY SUSHI's and many other surrounding area's first ever D&B events.

Now London based, L Double can be heard at all the main London drum & bass haunts such as Fabric & herbal and continues to play throughout the country.
Regularly playing in the United States, Canada, Asia, Australia and Europe, he is respected by the international press and reviewers.


Bailey's passion first and foremost lies in being the best Selecta possible. He lives the life of a 100% DJ with a record collection that goes from early electro on up to the latest release lining his bedroom walls.
Always having been a DJ rather than a producer, Bailey is one of a select few that managed to climb to the very top of the dnb ladder without the help of production credits.

Bailey in 2006 is a Metalheadz resident of 10 years, an award winning radio host (1Xtra BBC), a label owner (Intasound), A&R assistant for Goldie’s new label (Rufige) and is increasing a high profile as a producer with releases under his belt on Full Cycle, Metalheadz and soon for A Guy Called Gerald’s new imprint called Protechshon.


Beta 2

Around 1989 Dominic started experimenting with keyboards and record decks which soon progressed to an interest in DJing.Introduced into Hardcore/Rave in the early nineties by a friends brother,he began to collect records, and about a year later,got his own set of decks which led to his love of Drum and Bass.

He really liked the music around at the time, got interested in producing,bought some equipment and has been making music ever since....


Blame is one of the most innovative producers on the drum & bass scene - an accolade hard won over years of consistently breaking musical boundaries in an attempt to bring true innovation to the music that he loves. In recent years Blame’s hard work and skills have gained him a steadily rising profile, both as producer and as a dj. Besides running his own imprint 720 Degrees, Blame has built strong bonds with Metalheadz and Charge Rec., both highly respected, yet different labels, showing once more Blame's versatily.


Break's reputation as the king of the rollers precedes him. His ability to make such infectious dance floor destroyers has earned him a place in pretty much every self respecting DJ's record box. As one of the most prolific producers in the scene, Break has consistently raised the benchmark in terms of production standards with every release he puts his name to.


Hooking up with DNAudio in 2001 after meeting Squire through mutual friends he has played an integral role in the label’s story, working closely with Silent Witness in developing a fresh & innovative sound.



South London-based Larry Cons first appeared on the DnB scene at the start of 1998, but his history as an accomplished musician dates back to early childhood. Having studied 5 instruments from a young age, Larry has worked on projects and bands in several genres, perhaps most prominently as a guitarist in numerous Jazz and Funk bands, including his own eight-piece outfit ‘Octane’.

Whilst he had set his sights on establishing himself as a professional jazz guitarist, that was all to change whilst studying in Oxford from 1993-’98. Having first become obsessed with DnB in his early years at university, Larry eventually succumbed to the urge to produce his own tracks, and in 1996, he decided to team up with fellow musician, friend, and like-minded DnB fanatic, Chris Rush. Thus the original Calyx duo was born.

Having spent most of their grants and several student loans buying the studio equipment on which to record their ideas, serious work on tracks began in 1997. After putting together a demo tape of 7 tracks, they mailed their work to several labels, and it wasn’t long before the calls started coming in.

Codename John

Grooverider began his DJ career on the London pirate radio station Phase One during the mid 1980's. The station also featured Colin Dale, Dave Angel, Booker T & Fabio. He originally played soul, hip hop and disco but later played house upon being converted whilst hearing "Mysteries of Love" by Mr. Fingers with later DJ partner Fabio. Fabio and Grooverider began playing house at Mendoza's in Brixton, an aftershow rave for clubbers who attended Shoom. From there the pair went on to a venue in Barrington Road in Brixton but it was not until 1991 that they would really make their mark.

In 1991 Grooverider and Fabio took up a residency at an event called Rage at London venue Heaven. It was there that they really got a reputation for playing techno and breakbeat led UK music which became known as dark hardcore. The music began to develop and move away from the US sounds of house and techno and the more cheesy British rave music in to a new style which was termed as Jungle, later becoming drum & bass. Grooverider was known as the 'Godfather' of this new style of music for having consistently pushed it as a new sound. Grooverider became a very popular DJ at events around the UK and his reputation was at a premium.

As styles of jungle further diverged, Grooverider pushed on into ever darker and harder areas, coining the term Hardstep to describe the rougher sounds he was playing; with his Prototype label (begun in 1994), he was instrumental in the development of the even harsher sounds of Techstep. Throughout the '90s, Groove was at the heart of the music, releasing influential tracks as Codename John and building the reputations of Matrix and Boymerang with releases on his label Prototype. In 1997 Grooverider compiled a seminal LP entitled Prototype Years which featured the best tracks by various artists who appeared on his label It is considered one of the most influential LP's in drum and bass history.

Grooverider has been described as having an ability to stay ahead of the changes in drum & bass music which is unparalleled in the genre. His brilliant selection of tracks is a trademark of his style. Grooverider is also famous for having dub plates for months before other DJ's. His status and reputation for supporting quality artists ensure he has a constant stream of exclusive material in his box.

Grooverider remains an influential figure in the worldwide drum and bass scene, in part due to his successful radio show on BBC Radio 1 (presented in conjunction with Fabio) which has attained a devoted audience outside the United Kingdom. Consequently, he is in great demand as a DJ and works extensively abroad as well as in the UK.


Commix is the alias of Cambridge duo Guy Brewer and George Levings, who have been producing music for the past 6 years.

In 2005, the mighty Metalheadz picked up on a selection of tracks - one being Satellite Song (which quickly became an anthem with the likes of Goldie and Randall), appearing on the MDZ05 compilation, as well as Urban Legend and If I Should Fall, combining to make up a critically acclaimed 12" on Metalheadz.

With Goldie then offering the duo an album deal, Commix became the first artist to release an album on what is for many people the most important label in drum&bass to this day.

Concord Dawn

Concord Dawn consists of 2 passionate musicians, Matt Harvey (aka Matty C) and Evan Short (aka Kiljoy). The NZ born duo, have been making waves in the world of electronic music for many years now and have been tagged as "NZ’s pioneers of Drum and Bass".


Although his love of music dates back much farther, Darren’s career began in earnest in 1992 when he moved to London to make music with and produce for his brother Steve (himself a successful solo artist and front-man for the group ‘Spacek’). Catching the buzz of the nascent rave scene along with his brother, he ventured out to club nights such as Roast and the Astoria and drew inspiration from the deep dubby tones of the Jah Shaka soundsystem.

Darren soon found himself working with UK hardcore group Armshouse Crew, the production posse responsible for Lennie De Ice’s proto-jungle anthem ‘We are IE’ and began to master the synths and samplers that were the source of this new sound.

In 1995 he linked with the Trouble on Vinyl camp, who released his first solo production as D-Bridge, ‘Bring Da Flava b/w Keep it Real.’ It was here, amongst like-minds and contemporaries, that he met fellow producer Jason Maldini and the pair went on to form Future Forces. A steady string of releases followed, including the classics ‘Dead by Dawn’ and ‘Triton’ and drew the attention of another production duo, Fresh and Vegas. This meeting of minds was to result in the birth of Bad Company and the beginning of a new chapter in drum and bass.


D-Star is known for his crushing collaborations with Mason & Trust (forming SWARM) that brought forth releases on labels such as Metalheadz.


Stay tuned for some huge solo, and collaborative, releases. This Philadelphian native has made quite a name for himself, and with the U.S. now in the forefront of the DnB movement this guy is on the frontline.


His latest material has been described as “infectious and brilliant”. This extremely sovereign talent is unparalleled, so if you haven’t already, check him out!

Danny C

The elusive and prolific Danny C has produced many tracks over the years, with a broad and wide range of influences. His recent remix of Goldie's Terminator was featured on a Rufige Kru remix ep.





Digital aka Steve Carr is the primary musical moniker this Ipswich based producer is known exclusively for his "old skool beatz" and "dubby B-lines" but a short conversation and a little investigative listening indicate this is one producer likely to pull a few seriously weighty tricks out of the bag.


Digital has been involved in music all of his life, particularly reggae. Main influences being from his father having run a sound system for about thirty years. His musical tag & skills come from his knack at tampering with electronic equipment from the early age of fourteen. From about 1989 to 1991 Digital was busy "running around playing reggae" with sound systems, till the fateful period when "all this rave business crept in.


Around 1991 the scene started to grow heavily in Ipswich and the surroundings areas. Digital started hiring out his sound system to various promoters having raves in and around Ipswich, this is when he started checking out the scene and its music.
1991 was also the year Digital met Danny.C. The two eventually joined forces to produce Split Personality' for Certificate 18 under the guise of Authorized Riddim in '94.


Steve got to know Rupert Parkes, best known as Photek, around town in Ipswich who helped him get underway on his own studio. His first solo release was Touch Me' on Timeless Recordings in 1995 but it was the phenomenal Spacefunk'' also on Timeless that really showcased his talents alongside tracks such as Down Under' on Metalheadz that put his name firmly on the map. To follow was a host of releases for likes of Moving Shadow, Photek Productions and Creative Source.



Arguably the most prolific producer within the drum and bass scene (with over 500 releases produced since 1991), Francis subsequently set up Valve Recordings in partnership with long-term collaborator Lemon D (Kevin King), with whom he also designed and built the Valve Sound System. Purported to be the most bass-heavy system in the world (contrary to rumour it is not the loudest), it is the only sound system to have been purpose-built for drum and bass.

As well as the record label and sound system, Francis and King have also opened a specialist mastering and vinyl cutting studio, Ear2ground.

Albums include My Sound (1993-2004), Cybotron 2000, as well as Big Bad Bass and The Killa-Hertz with Lemon D.

DJ Flight

Born in West London and raised in South, DJ Flight’s love affair with music spans her entire life. Growing up on a varied diet of Pop, Reggae, Hip Hop, Soul and more, her arrival at secondary school witnessed the beginning of a strong relationship with the burgeoning Acid House scene of the late 80’s. With an education owing much to pirate radio, she witnessed the rave genre’s evolution through Acid House to Breakbeat Hardcore and Jungle and made her first tentative steps into the club environment at the tender age of 15. Something of an epiphany for Flight, she fondly echoes the sentiments of so many by recalling how the dancefloor gave her a first real platform for self expression.

By the time she arrived at college Flight was a regular face at a variety of seminal nights including Desire, AWOL and Innovation; it was at the latter of these that she would experience her first DJing inspiration, the sight of Kemistry and Storm on the decks. Stirred by the selection and individuality for which the pair would become famed, Flight’s journey took her to the legendary Metalheadz Sunday Session, a decision that in time would prove shrewd beyond her wildest dreams.

Over time, Flight found herself increasingly fascinated with the ways the music was delivered to the crowds and inevitably made her first vinyl purchase in the summer of 1996. 1997 saw the start of some concentrated mixing practice, together with a now dangerous wax addiction and desperation to keep pace with an ever-accelerating scene. Her deepened involvement saw her offered a job at Battersea record shop Trix Trax, and it was around this time that Flight’s first mix tapes found themselves in the hands of her peers… The very first of which was given to Storm & Kemistry.

Her regular attendance at Farringdon night PM Scientists soon landed her a job at P.R company Phuture Trax, in turn giving rise to her first club booking in November 1997... The humble surroundings of a Soho wine bar where she stepped up alongside Matrix belied the scale of what the future would hold for the fledgling Flighty. 1998 witnessed a multitude of bookings, announcing her presence firmly on the DJ scene alongside a weekly show on Rinse FM (previously Pressure FM) with Stamina MC; guest slots later followed on Rude, Tidy FM and Kool, together with Internet stations Interface and UK Rumble.

Flight pinpoints her first real ‘big break’ down to one fateful night in 1999 at midweek night Swerve, when learning of Kemistry and Storm’s intentions to bring another girl to the camp. The mix tape she provided eventually found its way into the hands of Goldie, in turn awarding it the ultimate endorsement and welcoming her to the mighty Metalheadz roster; a residency at the Sunday Session at Dingwalls soon followed. Before long Flight would strike gold again after handing in a couple of tapes to Sarah Sandy at Groove Connection with the aim of bagging a set or two at Swerve itself. A residency beginning in January 2000 gave her the platform to play alongside one of her greatest inspirations and all time favourites, Liquid Funk maestro Fabio.

With residencies at two of the most prestigious events in Drum’n’Bass on her C.V Flight soared with a number of international bookings next on the agenda, bringing her selection to the likes of Austria, Finland, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Russia, Switzerland and more in Europe; also across the U.S.A, Canada and Japan. On the domestic front she found herself in demand at major promotions including Creamfields, Locus, Movement, Bulletproof, Hospitality, Repercussion, TOV, Warning, Bassbin and Valve, together with residential slots at the Prototype and Kaos events at Fabric and at Space Breakz in Frankfurt, Germany.

Top level endorsement of her DJ skills have materialised elsewhere over the years from scene architects Reinforced Recordings and renowned purveyors of smooth grooves Defunked, in respective requests to mix their ‘Battle Of The Breakz Enforcers’ and ‘Mind, Body & Soul’ compilations. These projects cemented Flight’s reputation as a streamlined, smooth mixer and embodied the regard in which she had come to be held.

The advent of DAB Digital Radio brought about the next major break for Flight in 2002, when asked to submit a demo for a new station from the BBC… Several demos and meetings later saw her welcomed to the 1Xtra Drum’n’Bass team. After impressing executives over a three month trial period weekly show ‘The Next Chapter’ became her own, allowing Flight to continue pushing her own brand of fresh, deeper shades of Drum’n’Bass on a regular basis to an audience spanning the whole of the UK and beyond. A firm believer of nurturing fresh talent, she also debuted many up and coming producers’ tracks on the show, while devoting thirty minutes of airtime a month to an up and coming DJ in her Breaking New Talent competition feature.

With Drum’n’Bass now well represented on 1Xtra the station took a step up in 2004, extending the previous year’s XtraBass weekend festival into a week long event that saw Flight and her fellow station DJs tour the UK celebrating all that is good about their music. The project reached a climax in 2007 with the inaugural XtraBass awards, a hugely successful London-based ceremony co-presented by Flight and L Double and attended by the drum glitterati in their droves.

When citing her inspirations within Drum’n’Bass, Flight specifies a wealth of household names varying from likes of “Grooverider for tearing out the Blue Note Sunday Sessionz, Randall for his impeccable mixing, Doc Scott for his originality and Bryan G’s no-nonsense DJ sets”. Outside of her chosen poison, she is still very much into Deep House, Disco, Techno, Dubstep, Broken Beat and more, all of which she buys fairly regularly and mixes when she has the chance.

Recent years have seen Flight booked for an increasing number of non D&B sets under the ‘More Styles’ moniker, spreading her wings accordingly at Sardinia’s Sun & Bass festival and the renowned European Jazz Expo; BarGuru in Athens, while club level residencies have maintained the brand at D&B events Metalheadz, Grace and Feline, aswell as an additional residency being added at In Session (previously Club Percussion Sessions). Meanwhile, London based event ‘Unorthodox’ has seen her collaborate with Bailey and Equinox for a regular forage around the world outside of Drum’n’Bass, spanning Rock, Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Rare Groove and whatever else floats the aforementioned residents’ collective boat!

DJ Fresh

Fresh is the stage name of UK-based drum and bass artist Dan Stein. He is one of the principal members of Bad Company, and has also released many singles individually. He is widely known for his talents as both a DJ and producer, and considered among the most popular and influential British junglists.


DJ Ink

An architect of sound first visualizes then realises, making something out of nothing, making sure that not only the object itself shines but also the space around it. The sound is moulding, shaping and morphing at the hands of Dj Ink...

DJ Kontrol

DJ Kontrol (Toby Bailey) first entered the scene in 2000, with a remix of the track 'White Widow'. Swiftly gaining skill and the reputation of an excellent producer, he also created 'Erased from Existance' which was signed to Metalheadz in 2003.

DJ Lee

Starting off as a resident at the legendary "Brunel Rooms" in Swindon, Lee played alongside DJ's such as Doc Scott, Fabio, Grooverider and LTJ Bukem. His impression there was so great that other bookings began to roll in from all over the country. In '94 Danny Bukem alongside Leo Roche and Sarah Sandy started the groundbreaking night "Speed" at Soho's Mars club. Along with Fabio they started the first Drum n Bass night in London's West End with a more mature music policy. They needed a resident that would fit in with the futuristic sounds of Bukem and Fabio along with Doc Scott and Kemistry & Storm. Lee was made resident at what has become such a pivotal event In Drum N Bass history. Lee was also made resident at the legendary "MetalHeadz Sunday Sessions" by Head Honcho Goldie and still plays for them to this day!!!


From here Lee went on to explore the European scene, being booked to play in Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Iceland to name a few, followed by numerous tours in the USA, Japan, New Zealand & Australia. As well as playing all over the world Lee was also involved in the Timeless imprint, which has over the years released some of the finest drum n bass tracks to date by artists like Total Science, Digital & Spirit to name a few.



It’s hard to sum up D.Kay in a few sentences, but one thing is for sure, you get one of the most diverse and prolific artists on the scene.

Not only has D.Kay hit the UK national charts at #14 with the summer hit “Barcelona” (feat. Stamina MC) (drum & bass’ highest entry), but he has also graced the hottest labels in the drum and bass scene. You’ll find D.Kay tracks in nearly every dnb DJ’s record box.

As a DJ himself he has traveled a good portion of this planet. Having touched down all over Europe and also touring Australia, he is known to rock the floor like no other.

A crowd pleaser at all times, he incorporates all styles of drum & bass and always leaves a healthy mark of D&B in clubland. Like in the studio, his sets spawn across the board of styles, giving you only the best of what Drum & Bass has to offer.

Doc Scott

The original “King of the Rollers,” Doc Scott is arguably one of the legends of the the drum and bass scene. From Reinforced to Metalheadz to his own label, 31 Records, he has pioneered the sounds we know as drum and bass today and continues to lead the way forward.


As an artist, he has been responsible for some of the scene’s defining moments including hardcore classics ‘NHS’ and ‘Here Come the Drumz’, ‘Shadowboxing’ and, in his Nasty Habits guise, ‘Liquid Fingers’.



As a label owner, he has strived to release music that pushes boundaries with releases such as Marcus Intalex’s ‘ How You Make Me Feel’.


First and foremost, however, Doc Scott remains dj who sets are second-to-none, effortlessly crossing the full spectrum of drum and bass and igniting dancefloors with fresh and inspirational sounds.



Having originally caught the eye of BBC Introducing, and more recently the legendary label Metalheadz, Draft is becoming an artist to keep a close eye on. His musical output sits somewhere between dancefloor and downtime, all whilst keeping in line with an output you haven't quite heard before.

Experimental and deliberately difficult to categorise, Draft's music draws on a selection of bass heavy sub-genres, referencing everything from drum and bass and dubstep to melodically glitch-driven chaos, all whilst keeping you wanting more. As he effortlessly flits from one bpm to another, Draft reveals a distinct sonic identity that is fresh, unique and downright impressive.

Preferring to let his music speak for itself, there is plenty more to come from the 25 year old, including his Boiler Room debut in the Metalheadz takeover session, and a summer of festival shows. With an EP, album and various remixes lined up, 2012 is certainly going to be a year to sit up and take note.


Drum & Bass was the game and since their inception Noisia have become the name on the lips of every Drum and Bass aficionado as ones to watch. Since their innovative, technically precise music was first included as staples of every established Drum & Bass artists’ playlist, Noisia have proven themselves capable of coining material guaranteed to decimate dancefloors worldwide. Thijs de Vlieger, Martijn van Sonderen and Nik Roos are part of a new breed of producers heralding new directions not only for Drum & Bass but many other genres in which they dabble, such as Breaks, House and Downtempo. Having achieved levels of success within certain genres of dance music, now they aim to expand their reach beyond the confines of Drum & Bass and move into producing and engineering music in broader senses. Considering their abundant skill in sound design, Noisia have come to captivate, leaving no doubt in the mind of the beholder how far-reaching their ability and influence could spread in any kind of music they turn their attention to.

Dylan & Robyn Chaos

The musical partnership of Dylan and his wife, Robyn Chaos has produced an array of industrial hard-hitting tracks over the years. Robyn's trademark vocals provide a stunning contrast to the dirt and rust of Dylan's sound design. The two were swiftly signed to Metaleheadz.

Ed Rush

Ed Rush is one of the current leaders of the new school drum and bass. One of the originators to bring back the dark sounds of drum and bass and push it to new levels, Ed Rush continues to make waves with each new release.

Born in west London, Ed Rush originally started out into Hip Hop and electro but eventually found the growing underground rave scene. Fascinated by the breaks in the hardcore sounds at the time, Ed Rush convinced his neighbor, Nico Sykes, to let him produce tracks with him.

Eventually they released "Bludclot Artattack" in 1993 - a journey into the darkcore sounds. While most releases at the time had a certain momentum and feel, the track was like no other, and marked the shift of hardcore's split into drum and bass.

Ed Rush eventually released follow-ups nearly two years later, this time with DJ Trace, on "The Mutant" in 1995. "Guncheck" soon followed, another track developed in a recognizable Ed Rush style - gangsta attitude, and crunchy basslines.

Ed Rush soon found himself on the cusp of prominence, as his releases in 1996 on the Techsteppin' compilation, the Skylab EP on the Metalheadz label, and "Killimanjaro" on the Prototype label all helped to define the genres' direction towards techstep, a two-step style of drum and bass. He subsequently released more tracks on various labels, and his popularity as an artist grew, as did his sound as a producer.

The greatest collaboration was ahead of him though, when he teamed up with Optical. They created their own label, Virus, and their first release was "Medicine/Punchbag," Their eventual LP, Wormhole in 1998, was released to critical and underground success, and is regarded as a genre classic, as the sounds from that album again redefined the direction drum and bass was headed, and solidified their status as the forerunners of the new sound of drum and bass.


Brought up in Southeast London on a diet of Dub,70s - 80s soul, jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, Detroit techno and much, much more, all the signs pointed to Equinox’s eventual involvement with music from an early age.

Introduced to the scene at an early age via exposure to acid house and techno by his uncles, Equinox was drawn to the more beat driven side of things – Black Dog, 4 Hero, Shut Up And Dance, Forge Masters, Nightmares on Wax – whilst also gaining inspiration from techno/ house pioneers such as Juan Atkins, Carl Craig, Derrick May and Larry Heard.

However, it wasn’t just electronic music that were major musical influences – pretty much anything laid back, mellow and chilled floated from his speakers. Ray Burns, Weather Report, Donald Byrd, Quincy Jones, Roy Ayers, Don Blackman,Loose Ends, Yabby U, King Tubby and Jah Shaka all form part of Equinox’s musical heritage.

Future Cut

Future Cut is Tunde Babalola & Darren Lewis.
The duo first met whilst promoting rival Drum 'n' Bass nights in Manchester. Their first track was promptly snapped up by Renegade Hardware and over the next few years they recorded for the top drum 'n' bass labels of the time as well as DJing all over the world.
The classic 'Obsession' for Goldie's Metalheadz label featured singer Jenna G who later joined forces with Future Cut to become Un-cut. Un-Cut's debut was the stunning 'Midnight', followed by the album 'The Un-calculated Some' on Warners.
Since 2004 Future Cut have taken a different direction pursuing production, songwriting for other artists, mixing and remixing.
They recently scored a UK number one single with the Lily Allen hit 'Smile' which they co-wrote, produced and mixed and then reached number 5 with the follow up 'L.D.N'. The pair also co-wrote, produced and mixed half of Lily's album as well as B-sides including 'Nan You're A Window Shopper' and 'U Killed It'.

Other projects include Livvi Franc, Nicole Scherzinger (Pussycat Dolls), Mr Hudson & The Library, Dizzee Rascal, The Virgins, The Sugababes, Plan B, Joel Ortiz, Laura Izibor, Remi Nicole, Adele, Underground Heroes, Kate Nash, Foy Vance, Estelle, Tom Jones, Liam Bailey, Ebony Bones, Goldielocks, No Bizzi, Natasha Bedingfield, Nick Harrison, Lemar, Ava Leigh, Kelis, Conner Reeves and Takura Tendayi.


It all began in 1991 at a club night called Rage at Heaven. The rave scene had emerged from acid house and was building its own identity, with pioneer Djs such as Fabio and Grooverider mixing cutting edge sounds with vintage funk and reggae and playing tracks like Carl Craig’s seminal ‘Bugs In The Attic’ at 45rpm instead of 33. The vibe was explosive, the adrenalin was pumping.

This is where well-travelled Walsall born B boy Goldie – a name he got while customising gold teeth – ended up when just from a few years in New York and Miami, taken by his new girlfriend Kemistry and her flatmate, known as DJ Storm.

Rage puzzled him the first time, blew his mind the second and there was no turning back: Goldie the UK B Boy who was hanging out with Nellee Hooper and 3 D pre Massive Attack, gold teeth maker, respected breakdancer and renowned Grafitti artist (his first brush with fame was taking part in ‘Bombin’, the definite documentary about the 80s grafitti scene) had found his purpose in life. He was going to make music, and his music was going to be played at clubs like Rage.

Soon, Goldie met Mark and Dego – AKA 4 Hero - from Reinforced Records, the reference label of the emerging scene. In exchange of artwork and logo design, he got into their legendary Dollis Hill studio. Under their guidance, Goldie did not only capture the vibe of the music he had heard out, but he added his own touch, inspired by his passion for hip hop, an insatiable musical curiosity. getting the ultimate kick of watching and hearing Grooverider play his first ever track, Goldie grew in confidence and made his first official release for Reinforced, ‘Darkrider’ in 1992, under the Rufige Kru moniker. Thanks to the expertise he had picked up and his meeting with like-minded producers such as Doc Scott, Goldie was finding his own sound.

His passion and determination were rewarded the following year, and his third Reinforced release. With its dark atmosphere, steely breakbeats and restless vibe, ‘Terminator’ introduced what was to become a must in jungle production, timestretching. All the DJs followed the path of Grooverider, who instantly played the track when it was given to him. ‘Terminator’ brought a fresh, darker edge to the scene. Jungle had reached another level.

Through his own Metalheadz imprint set up shortly after, Goldie showcased early releases by some of the most crucial jungle artists; from Doc Scott, Photek and Peshay to Dillinja, J Majik and Optical. The Metalheadz weekly residency at London’s legendary jazz club The Blue Note captured the essence of the music to a packed and enthusiastic audience and became a must.

Goldie landed a contract with PeteTong’s offshoot FFRR, part of London Records, and released the sumptuous Timeless, a twisted hymn to urban Britain. Hailed unanimously, the album sold over 250,000 copies, comforting a charismatic, passionate and inspired Goldie as the spokerperson of the hippest scene of the times.

Fame kept rising beyond music. While turning into a bona fide celebrity with acting in cult and mainstream films, taking part of high profile TV shows, and becoming a fixture in the gossip columns, Goldie never ever lost touch with his jungle roots and was often spotted in the middle of the dancefloor at his own club nights, or paying respects to Grooverider or Randall. Nothing has captured better his attachment to the music than his sporadic return to the ‘Rufige Kru’ moniker for more uncompromising slices of vinyl, such as ‘Beachdrifta’ backed by a ‘Stormtroopaz’ VIP mix for the relaunch of Metalheadz in 2001. for the last few years, Goldie has DJed all over the world, still one of the highest profile ambassador of drum and bass.

For Goldie, turning into ‘Rufige Kru’ is capturing the essence of what makes him so passionate about music: a dark, unsettling, gutsy sound going back to the roots of jungle, made even more potent through state of the art studio production. In 2006, Goldie enrolled young and gifted producer Heist (AKA Strider) to help him deliver his ultimate tribute to the scene that captured his heart and soul over fifteen years ago: a Rufige Kru album, ‘Malice In Wonderland’ the first artist album ever for Metalheadz. Get ready for a treat.


There´s been a constant rumble coming from Canada within the Jungle and Drum & Bass scenes, and while their passion has been strong and their releases were mighty, they´ve gone overlooked for years... Enter in producers like Gremlinz, who went from that heavy, breakbeat-massacring camp and have siphoned his sound onto some of the top tier labels in the scene, gaining ample respect with each single and EP dropped.
Gremlinz has been DJing DnB since 1998, having started producing tracks in 2000. Following his debut on Metalheadz MDZ04 Lp, he´s dropped tracks on a number of labels, and with each release, the accolades have poured in. His style is multi-faceted, allowing him to drop both pulsating, breakbeat-heavy B-Boy affairs to the more understated, dub-heavy tunes seemingly at will. His production style has been well-received on both sides of the pond, and landed him a spot on Loxy & Ink´s HORSEMEN collective, aligning him with a superb stable of producers.


Jim Heist is a prolific producer, who has been making Drum & Bass as Heist for about 4 years now.


Recently had alot of Jim's music has been played on BBC Radio 1 and BBC 1Xtra by Dj's like Bailey, GrooveRider, Fabio, DJ Flight, Goldie, Krust, TC, L Double, Sappo, DJ Hype and Ray Keith (Kiss 100 FM) and Bryan G (Ministry of sound radio). Jim has also featured in two small Interviews with Knowledge Magazine and ATM, and interviewed live on Ministry of Sound radio with Bryan G and 1 Xtra with Bailey.


Jim has also joined Forces with Goldie. They have been working hard in the studio as Rufige Kru and have completed the new Rufige kru album.


Hidden Agenda

Though brothers Mark and Jason Goodings didn't begin releasing records until the mid-'90s, they had been working together as a production/mixing team from the beginning of the decade.


With Mark's studio wizardry and Jason on the decks, the pair ranged all over the British north country from their base in Newcastle.


The duo began recording jazz-inflected drum'n'bass, and after meeting up with Fabio, Hidden Agenda debuted for Goldie's Metalheadz label in 1995 with "Is It Love."


Three additional Metalheadz singles followed during 1995-96 (including a spot on the high-profile compilation Platinum Breakz), as well as a release for Fabio's Creative Source Records. Their debut full-length Whatever Happened To... was issued in late 2000.


Celebrated on both sides of the Atlantic, its in the unassuming personality of futurist B-boy Hive that drum and bass finds its mightiest bridge between the UK and the US. His tracks have become staples of virtually all of drum and bass legends, from Andy C to Goldie, and make regular appearances on Grooveriders Radio 1 program--on which Hives towering Neo spent weeks at number one on the Five Mighty Rollers.


Hes toured worldwide, completing a month of dates in New Zealand and Australia in the fall of 2002, preceded by a month in the UK and Europe, which included a guest appearance for the Valve Soundsystem. No American has gained such complete entree into the heart of drum and bass.

Hive came of age as a drum and bass producer in the late 90s, but hes long been active in underground music, with roots that extend deep into underground hip hop, embodied in a string of iconoclastic releases and credits that include recording O.D.s Beneath the Surface album, followed soon thereafter by his own first album Working with Sound, released on his own Mandala imprint. The album was largely centered around jazz-inflected instrumental hip hop, but glimmers of drum and bass flickering across the surface anticipated his forthcoming artistic development. It was on the strength of this album that London/FFRR signed him to an album deal. In 1998 he released Devious Methods, a hallucinatory fusion of hip hop and drum and bass. Lauded by critics in Urb, Spin, Raygun, Vice, and DJ Times, the album yielded the single Ultrasonic Sound, which ultimately made its way on to the soundtrack CD for The Matrix, which notched up double platinum sales, surely as much exposure as any drum and bass artist could hope forand beyond.

Tough, propulsive, forged out of both the traditional sampled aesthetic and leading sound designs of contemporary drum and bass, the sound of Hive today bears the imprint of an artist searching for new ways to reinterpret the music by his own lights. Neither a retrospective purist, nor a follower of fashion, Hives music, his DJing, and his label strike a steely, inspiring balance, hewing closely to a tight creative vision that has propelled him into the forefront of drum and bass wherever it thrives.

Ill logic & Raf

Ill Logic & Raf met at the age of fifteen at school in London. Both sharing a love of Drum & Bass (and music of all genres) they focussed on DJ-ing and went out record shopping together. Ill Logic’s passion for Jazz rubbed off on Raf, who was in a punk band when he was 12, and they began to broaden their musical tastes. Avid followers of the Bristol sound, both of them made sure they owned every Full Cycle release and were huge fans of Krust, Roni Size and the early sounds of Photek and Lemon D. Ill Logic cites Reprazent’s “New Forms” as a major changing point in the way he perceived the boundaries of the sound. At the age of 17, Raf went out and bought a sampler and they began sampling everything from Miles Davis and Marvin Gaye to Indie and Punk.


At the age of 19 Raf & Ill Logic pooled their resources to create a combined studio. This was the point where their production began to take shape, incorporating their diverse influences and producing tracks that they were keen to play out. At the time Raf was a regular on Rude FM, Ill Logic played on Rude Awakening, and they had both won sets in the Movement bar.


The boys spent much of their time going out to London’s legendary Metalheadz nights at the Blue Note, and regularly went to Movement, where they got their first break. Whilst Djing there, they played one of their own tracks “Spacewalk”, which immediately caught the ear of Martin from Botchit Breaks, the promoter of Movement.


Fusing elements of Jazz, Soul, Broken Beats and whatever they are feeling at any particular time, Ill Logic and Raf have developed a unique sound that stands out from the rest.


Darrell began his DJ career in the early 90's like many others, after being introduced to rave music by friends. Unlike his contemporaries, however, he was given an early insight into jungle from none other than Ray Keith with whom he worked at London’s now-legendary Blackmarket Records. From here Darrell’s passion for the music developed and grew and he went to release his first single on Ray’s own “Penny Black” label under the moniker “Uncharted Terrotory,” alongside Bugz in the Attic member Daz-I-Kue.

Slots across the London pirate radio scene soon followed and Darrell began working full-time in the record distribution industry. Next came a meeting with Matt Lord, a fellow producer and one of the other talented Bugz in the Attic. When Matt introduced Darrell to his cousin Leo, the Invaderz as we now know was formed. In 2000 The Invaderz introduced themselves to the scene and immediately made an impact with releases on the much-respected Metalheadz. Regular support from major players including Goldie, Grooverider, DJ Hype, Fabio, Storm and DJ Marky saw them go from strength-to-strength and appear on compilations from J Majik, Goldie and DJ Trace.

J Majik

J Majik (Jamie Spratling) hails from Northwood, England and has been a drum and bass DJ since his early teens in the early 1990s, releasing his first track as early as 1992(as DJ Dextrous ) on the Planet Earth record label.

John B

If you havent come across John B in one of his many musical guises over the past decade, where have you been? Classically trained at a young age, this British superproducer has gone on to become one of the most eclectic and unique individuals working within electronic music today. Consistently escaping categorization, Johns genre-defying catalogue spans the worlds of Electro, Trance and Drum & Bass, and a few other spaces across the bpm spectrum.

Johns career began in illustrious style as the one and only Goldie picked up on this mild-mannered, blonde-locked science graduate and his distinctive drum and bass beat constructions, and he was signed to the legendary Metalheadz label. Tracks such as the euphoric Up All Night have become instant classics in the canon of drum and bass, and repeatedly smashed dancefloors worldwide. John B quickly became a headlining name on flyers across the globe, and his touring schedule has been non-stop ever since.

From his studio and label HQ in Maidenhead, UK, John has since made major waves within the wider world of dance music. Having picked up on Johns early forays into trance production, Perfecto label boss and DJ superstar Paul Oakenfold commissioned tracks which ended up alongside the likes of Madonna and Justin Timberlake on the epic Great Wall compilation. John has also long worn his love of 80s electronica on his sleeve, way before the fashionistas jumped on the bandwagon, and he has been busy signing hot new electro-influenced tracks for his most recent label venture, Nu Electro. There is also rumoured to be a John B reworking of Toni Basils classic Hey Mickey in the pipeline.
His new album, in:transit has received glowing reviews.

John Rolodex

John Rolodex is one of Canada’s leading drum and bass artists and represents the cutting edge of modern music. His intent to raise the bar at every opportunity and innovate with each record has served him well over the past decade. From humble beginnings in Edmonton, Alberta in Western Canada, John built his career brick by brick. Headlining shows from New York to Los Angles and London to Budapest and releasing music on some of the most prestigious record labels in the industry including Metalheadz. John has constantly broken new ground both as a Canadian DJ and as a drum and bass producer.

As a child John never would have imagined a career in music. "I didn't get along with my music teacher in elementary school." John jokes. "She had it in for me from the beginning. I was total joker then… the class clown." John recalls the foundation of his attitude towards music. "I guess that's what attracted me to aggressive and rebellious music. When I was really small I used to listen to heavy metal; it was the opposite of what she was teaching us." From that point onward, John gravitated toward the heavier side of music; from heavy metal to punk and grunge, the darker side of rock n roll, and later to drum and bass. "I didn't care for the cheesey dance music that was around… then I heard those rolling breakbeats."

In late '95 when John was recording a late-night radio show, he heard the sound that would change his life. "I used to record a CBC show called 'Brave New Waves'. They used to play all kinds of underground music. But that night they played Dillinja's 'Ja know ya big' and Source Direct's 'Snake Style'. I was hooked. I couldn't stop listening to those tunes. I'd heard drum and bass before but nothing like this." John became one of Western Canada's first drum and bass DJs shortly after. Taking the name 'rolodex' from the rolling beats that continually ran through his head.

"There wasn't anywhere to buy the records then, so I convinced a local shop to let me order from a UK distributor… technically I was working at the shop, but my wages barely dented what I took home in vinyl." The records John ordered for the shop, combined with his early DJ sets helped form the foundation for the drum and bass scene in Western Canada.

Jonny L

After blowing up in the early-'90s hardcore techno scene and spending several years out of the spotlight, Jonny L's status as a rave castoff underwent heavy modification when his drum'n'bass deviations became quite respected in the dance community. He's one of the few dark-side jungle producers with a distinctive style, his productions enervating the favored two-step clichés with retrofitted 303-style acid effects that are the audio equivalent of hi-res computer monitors.


A constant on Britain's XL Recordings -- along with Prodigy -- since 1992, Jonny L debuted with straightahead rave staples like "Love You So," "Ooh I Like It" (a number 73 hit in Britain) and "Make Me Work." By the mid-'90s, he turned to more expansive releases like "2 of Us" and the Tychonic Cycle EP, reminiscent of intelligent jungle L.T.J Bukem style. The 1997 "Piper" single and Sawtooth LP were glowing returns to his hardcore breakbeat origins and highlights of the year in the drum'n'bass arena (foreshadowing the dark, intelligent scene termed neuro-funk). Magnetic followed one year later. Though he kept recording singles, it was as a producer that he paid the bills during the next few years; one of his tracks, Truesteppers' "Out of Your Mind," hit number one on the British charts behind the commercial weight of Victoria Beckham and Dane Bowers.


Jubei is the name on the lips of almost every top-flight drum & bass DJ in 2009. Whether it’s his solo productions, his work as a member of Code 3 (with SP:MC and Dakuan) or collaborations with the likes of Breakage, Phobia, Icicle, Cern, SPY, Lenzman, Logistics, Sabre and Fierce, his music features heavily in the sets of those in the know. Jubei’s first home, MC GQ’s Emcee Recordings released his 2006 debut ‘Still There’ and ‘Harvester’, a pair of collaborations with Breakage that paved the way for another co-write, ‘The Struggle’ this time alongside Sabre for Breakage and Equinox’s Scientific Wax. A move to Newcastle brought forth a kinship with Phobia that has delivered a wealth of releases for the likes of Renegade Hardware and given birth to the Coded Music label whose epic first release, ‘Guillotine’ saw Breakage back in the fold on remix duties. Drum & Bass pioneer Goldie recently enlisted Jubei to help engineer some of his orchestral piece 'Sine Tempus' for the BBC Proms and ‘Classic Goldie’ TV show and in the process signed a debut EP and wealth of singles to his own Metalheadz label. Already in the pipeline are releases for DJ Friction’s Shogun Audio, Doc Scott’s 31 Records, dBridge’s Exit and Kasra’s Critical Music plus more for Coded Music and Metalheadz. As a DJ, Jubei is a resident at Newcastle’s infamous Turbulence and regularly plays drum & bass institutions such as Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware and Fabric in London, Bristol's Dissident, StarWarz in Ghent and further flung destinations including Japan.


K.O.T.P (Keepers Of The Peace) is a meeting point of styles from Blame and Pedge. After hours of reciting Yoda, Gollum and David Brent and eating a mighty feast from the local 24 hour Tescos, some occasional music is made!


Klute is the primary recording alias of Tom Withers, the respected drum and bass and techno Producer and DJ from London, UK.

Formerly the drummer, vocalist and songwriter in the punk band The Stupids, he turned to electronic production in the early 1990s. He released two 12" under the Override alias in 1995-96, as well as appearing on Ninja Tune compilations. In 1998 the debut Klute LP Casual Bodies was released on the seminal Certificate 18 imprint; Fear of People followed in 2000.

Klute's style of drum and bass is strongly influenced by techno. It is deep and progressive, with flavours of house, dub and trance, and frequent use of vocals. Although Klute is one of the most melodic and musical producers in drum and bass, his tracks are still typically intended for the DJ and dancefloor. They should not be classified alongside the atmospheric or "intelligent" drum and bass popularised by LTJ Bukem, nor should they be considered to be liquid funk.

Kryptic Minds

Since establishing a production partnership in 1999, Leon Switch & Kryptic Minds Have witnessed phenomenal success with every release, and continue to go from strength to strength, ameliorating with every release.

2007 saw the release of their highly anticipated 'Lost All Faith' Album' hailed by meny as DnB Album of 2007. Here they showcase their diverse talent crossing over into other genres, such as Orchestral and Down Tempo.

At present, Simon & Leon are currently working on their second album due for release in 2008.

Lemon D

With a style that can switch effortlessly from laid back soulful jazziness to the darkest and grimiest of drum n bass beats and b-lines, it is little wonder that Lemon D aka Lemonde has firmly moulded his reputation as one of the most versatile producers in drum n bass today. Also known for being 1/2 owner of the Valve Sound System - the world's first sound system designed and built specifically for dance music with its frequencies of deep bass which were all too often ignored by most club systems the system has become legendary within the U.K Dance/club scene and also its reputaion is worldwide.


Production and beat production has made Lemon d one of the U.K's most versitile producers. Producing soundtracks used for t.v/a.d's/computer games etc. His work has also made him an international D.J. playing at countless events and festivals globally from Cochella (L.A) to Glastonbury...


Emerging from relative obscurity, Dutch producer ‘Lenzman’ is fast making waves in the Drum & Bass world with his deep and soulful take on this underground genre. Influenced by Hiphop, Soul, Jazz and life in general, Lenzman’s music combines the organic grooves of yesteryears with the energy and forward thinking attitude of Drum & Bass music production. Since his first signings on the rapidly expanding Spearhead Records, Lenzman has feverishly been developing his sound. This led to his late 2008 / early 2009 releases: “Ever So Slightly” (on Integral), “Emeralds” (on Shogun Ltd) and his remix of Total Science classic “Soul Patrol” (on C.I.A.). These tracks have received widespread support, in clubs - from the scene's most influential deejays - to daytime radio in the UK, and cemented his name as one of the fastest rising stars in this Drum & Bass thing. With well-received gigs in Asia and throughout Europe, Lenzman's deejaying has begun taking off as well. A deejay long before he took up production, it's not surprising that his schedule has become, and will continue to become busier. Recently Lenzman has stepped things up a notch, signing new music to respected labels such as Metalheadz, Soul:r, Shogun Ltd, Critical, 31 Records, Integral, C.I.A. and Subtitles. As well as working more with talented vocalists such as Jo-s and Riya, Lenzman also has collaborations in the pipeline with Total Science, Lynx, Spy, Random Movement and there are even whispers of an album project. The future is looking brighter and brighter for this rising star...


Loxy began raving in 89/90 at events like Telepathy and just fell for the culture. Loxy decided to become a part of the movement and perfected his craft soon after. Being from a B-Boy background, Loxy wasn’t totally alien getting into the vibe of this new scene - which was then known as acid house, soon to become what we know and love as drum & bass.

Loxy’s first dj gigs were in 1990 at Psychotic and Time events. Since then he has held down residencies at Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware & Therapy and has played at events such as Club Jungle, Desire, Logical Progression, Speed, Swerve, Elevation, One Nation, Slammin Vinyl, Valve, Break Beat Kaos, Revolution, Legend of the Dark, Movement, The End, Theory and many more...

Around 93/94 Loxy ventured into production leading to many releases on some of the most respected Drum & Bass labels as well as collaborations with others including: bad Company, Ink, keaton, Dylan, Digital, Gremlinz, Verse, Manifest, Bay B, Kane, T.D.K., Swift, Zinc, Amaning, Sin, D kay, J. Dub, Damage, Usual Suspects & Universal Project.

Marcus Intalex

Both as an artist and a DJ, Marcus Intalex represents the forefront of soulful musical drum and bass. From the seminal ‘How You Make Me Feel’ (alongside studio partner ST Files as MIST), to this year’s ‘Eleventh Hour’ LP (together with Calibre and ST Files as Mist:ical), his productions are renowned for pushing boundaries whilst retaining broad appeal. Marcus’ dj sets follow suit and, in carrying the same energy and passion as his music, identify him as a tastemaker and leader in the scene. His versatile style, combined with excellent mixing skills, make Marcus Intalex one of the most in-demand DJs on the circuit and his reputation for breaking new quality music, without compromising the dancefloor, only continues to grow.

MC 2 Shy


2 Shy, a name given to the comprehensive Drum and Bass MC in irony. Far from shy when it comes to delivering lyrical content, spittin’ the reality known to him!

'The Voice' of Renegade Hardwear', the amp man, the compare, the host, and much more, blessed with ability to work with versatility across all spectrums of the genre.

From ’96 2 Shy became resident MC for Dylan & Fac’s earlier imprints; Biotic and XXX Recordings and was soon touring as resident MC with these said labels throughout Europe and the UK.

Come’99 2 Shy teamed up with good friend and Producer/DJ Mechanism becoming a DJ/MC duo representing MC GQ’s Emcee Recordings, plus securing his residency at Fabric Live which he still holds to the present day.

It was at Fabric Live where his hard spittin’ skills were spotted by Clayton of Renegade Hardware/TOV and just the following weekend he was reppin’ the club night and record label. His voice is the signature sound at Hardware club nights worldwide securing this association as one of 2 Shy’s most recognized residencies to date.

2 Shy has further cemented residencies with the mighty Metlaheadz! The empire founded by Goldie. Plus gaining residenty at Therapy Sessions in the UK and Europe.

More recently 2 Shy laid down his lyrical journey on the Digital & Phantasy ‘Jungle Story’ project. Teaming up with not Digital alone but Lutin and Mechanizm creating a powerful dance floor track, “The perfect example of an MC showing his worth as an all round artist”. ATM - Issue 78.

Mc Fats

For many years MC Fats has been a resident MC for drum'n'bass institutions like Eastside True Playaz, Metalheadz and London’s super club Fabric. He has been chosen by some of the biggest DJs in the scene to accompany them on their globe spanning tours, Andy C, Hype, Fabio and Grooverider to name but a few. He graced the stages from Japan to Brazil, from Canada to New Zealand. Unsurprisingly, as Fats is one of the most professional and versatile Vocalists in the circuit, and with 20 years of MC experience he has the ability to adapt to a rave set alongside DJ Hype as well as to a soulful club set by the one like Fabio, without compromising his unique style.

Fats knows how to bring the attributes of a singer and those of an MC to an amazing fusion, rather than boring his audience with random party phrases. Together with the DJ, he takes the audience on a journey and covers the full spectrum of their sound.

A specifically close cooperation exists between Fats and his friend and long-time DJ partner, A Sides. For many years now, the duo impress the drum’n’bass fans with well coordinated performances. Everyone that had the pleasure to experience them will agree to that. No over the top rave vibes is offered by them, instead they provide club compatible sound and expertise. Fats himself says that he really enjoys the more intimate club gigs as they give him the opprtunity to show his full potential.

But not only in venues is Fats at home, he is also one of the most talented and hardworking MCs in the studio. So far he has collaborated with a large number of top producers, as diverse as Kenny Ken, Hype and Pascal on the heavy side of things and A Sides, Blue Skin, Patife and and Calibre for rather soulful tunes.

Over the past 20 years Fats has proven that he is a consistent and creative artist not just a man with a mic, and despite his career spanning for a long time already, you can’t help but think that he will offer the world even more great tunes and suprises, and help make the sound of drum’n’bass an even more exciting music to dance to. Watch this space !

Mc Flux

The name Flux is derived from the Latin word Fluxus which means ‘to flow’.

Flux has been touring since 1993 in all six continents, spreading the drum and bass sound to his fans worldwide. He has performed to crowds of up to 40,000 at events and festivals in countries such as; Japan, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Brazil, U.S.A, Tasmania, South Africa, Singapore, Israel and many countries in Europe

MC Flux is a pioneer of the Drum and Bass scene being one of the first ever professional mc’s to touch the mic in this type of music. He has been there from the beginning and is one of the most experienced and professional MC’s on the circuit. It is hard to categorize Flux’s style, his flow is one of the most unique to come upon the scene. He offers the powers of an exceptional host, but also has the energy and the rolling stamina of a professional crowd hype MC. Not forgetting that his voice is one of the most distinguishing voices in the drum and bass scene. Flux has always believed that in a rave the performance should always be 75% DJ and 25% MC orientated. Without the music there wouldn’t be an MC. The MC is there to compliment the music not the other way around. This is one reason why he is such a good performer as he works alongside the music, the DJ and his mixes to provide an exceptional show.

As we all know Flux is a Veteran in this industry. He has always kept up with the development of the music and evolved his style accordingly. In 1985 Flux was inspired by reggae and at just eighteen, he set up his own reggae sound system called ‘Young Senator’. This sound system won him the title of Youth Champion of the Reggae Young Sounds Competition. This was a massive achievement for anyone at the time and it inspired him to push his musical career further.

His first experience as a crowd controller happened at Slammers in Kent during the early 90’s. This was where he picked up the microphone over the set of legendary Jumping Jack Frost. This lead him to get booked at a very famous club called Sterns in Worthing (in-ter-dance), he saw this as his first big break. At Sterns he graced the mic over DJ’s Dr S Gachet and Pig Bag every week for 2 years and he also performed with Micky Finn, Fabio, Jumping Jack Frost and Grooverider to name a few.

While he was working for Dance 92 and 93, he was spotted by the world-famous house DJ John Digweed. John Digweed then booked him for nights such as Storm and Unity @ Hastings Pier. At this time Jungle had not even developed and there wasn’t any specific genre for this type of music. It was just played by innovated DJ’s in the House rooms at clubs.

In 1992, Flux was signed by Rob Playford as a PA artist for the Moving Shadow label and around the same time he discovered DJ Bailey who made him a resident at club Extreme. Flux was soon touring the world, bringing his UK vibe to Drum and Bass followers across the globe. He recalls touring North America in the late 90’s for two weeks with DJ Phantasy spending more time in the air than on the ground.

He has been apart of the Metalheadz family for the past decade. During his time as resident MC on the agency he done a Radio 1 Tour called Radio 1 in the Jungle with Kemistry and Storm. He also participated in the Groove connections tour with Fabio & Grooverider.

By 1995 he was seen as one of the most renowned MC’s in dnb. 1995 was the year he became resident at the world-famous Voodoo Magic at Equinox. This was a huge achievement for any artist at the time and was the place where the infamous Andy C made his name. That year he also gained his residency at The Laser Drome, Peckham in London. This heightened his career even more; playing weekly in London the home of Drum and Bass.

He was introduced into the Unique Artist Agency which was the best DJ/MC agency in the world. They snapped at the chance to have him on their books. Unique Artist’s had most of the A list artists in dnb at the time (Hype, Andy C, Mampi swift and Zinc to name a few). These achievements lead to regular appearances for him at raves such as Innovation, Desire, Dreamscape, World Dance, Innocence and Helter Skelter.

In 1996 Flux and the Inta-Natty boys (Pete Nice, Face, Killer, Inch, Juice, Danny B, Grooverider, Bailey and Fabio), set up their own clothing company. This was branded Inta-Natty.

Any true junglist will be familiar with his unmistakable flow and artistic charisma. Flux has held many residencies with places such as; AWOL, Ram Records, Rave Utopia, Moondance, Prototype & Metalheadz but when asked where, he informed us that there are to many to mention.

Flux climbed the ladder to the top and became a professional MC 12 years ago now. Since then he has been playing week in week out all over the u.k and the world.

Flux loves the music and has always wanted to push the drum and bass sound into new boundaries. He looks to the future and likes to discover talented up and coming DJ’s and MC’s to push drum and bass forward.


Since its inception back in the early 90’s drum&bass has developed at a drastic rate, yet certain themes and characteristics have remained – The charisma, presence and distinctive sound of MC GQ is one such characteristic… MC-ing at the top of the chain for more than15 years has taken GQ to all the corners of the globe.

Music has been a big part of GQ’s life for as long as he can remember: whether he was listening to his Dad’s records or tagging along with his brothers soul & funk system, GQ has always been surrounded by music and always keen to be part of it. At school GQ and friend Det (MC) would freestyle along to beats banged out on their desks: but it was watching his neighbour DJ Ron on the TNT system that influenced him to pick up the mic and it was with his good friend Spoony that he managed to find his own unique sound. These were the solid foundations on which his career was built.

GQ’s involvement in music turned professional once good friend Julie Braithwaite introduced him to Acid House in the late 80’s. Tunes like Joey Beltram’s ‘Acid Thunder’ and ‘Big Fun’ got under his skin and over the next two years GQ began to organise a whole host of parties, whilst MC-ing and even DJ-ing at others: from Skitzophrenia at Ilford Palais to the legendary raves at Croland Road, then down to KiKi’s in Margate, and back to Clapham Common. Weekends were a string of parties going thru from Friday till Sunday night, rolling with the likes of Frankie Valentine, Rat Pack, Grooverider, Mathew B, Richie Fingers, Frankie Bones, and Tony Trax to mention just a few.

It’s important to note that GQ had been in the game for close to five years before jungle let alone drum&bass came about. AWOL was a seminal club in establishing jungle, and it was here that GQ secured a residency at the top of the MC world. Representing alongside DJs such as Mickey Finn, Darren Jay, Randall, Dr S Gachet, Kenny Ken, Fabio, Frost, Grooverider & Ron week in week out, and with the tapes being sold all over the place, the buzz started to build and pandemonium soon followed.

It wasn’t long before bookings abroad started flooding in: The AWOL tapes established GQ’s name in places he’d never been, and so he was one of the first MCs to work in places as far away as Australia and Toronto. Highlights included playing at the same event as Public Enemy in Toronto with over 5,000 people holding their lighters up; being flown to a rave on an island off the coast of Serbia and a helicopter ride to play to 2,000 people in a warehouse in Australia with Andy C.

GQ has always been a DJ’s MC, seeing his role as a middle man between the DJ and the crowd rather than constantly demanding centre stage. His versatility is such that he has always been able to switch up to double time and tear down a rave, or keep the crowd bubbling to a liquid set. ‘It’s all about reading the crowd, and adapting your style.’ This approach has meant that you are as likely to see GQ at One Nation alongside Hype as you are to see him with Goldie at a Metalheadz session. Consistency and adaptability have kept GQ at the top of the MC ranks for 15 years and has made him partner to pretty much all of the top flight DJ’s….

To conclude, with 15 years behind him GQ’s profile is as strong as ever. You can catch him in London at his Fabric residency most weeks or at his monthly Ram residency at The End. Every weekend is still spent on the road blessing the mic at rave after rave up and down the UK and beyond. But these days GQ is also spending a lot of his time pushing the label harder than ever and there are rumours that a few of his own productions may soon see the light of day.

For GQ it’s never been about just getting on a mic at a rave and doing your job – since 1988 its been a way of life…

MC Justyce

MC Justyce has been a long-time Metalheadz resident MC and as such has toured the globe alongside the likes of Goldie and Doc Scott, among regular gigs with many other big names, such as DJ Randall who has MC Justyce to be his USA tour MC in 2008. Justyce is known to let the music do the talking and to step in at the right moment to add his unique lyrics and create flow that perfectly complements the DJ. Thanks to his versatility he can perform with the various styles and djs that drum'n'bass has to offer.

MC Justyce was born into a Jamaican family in Tottenham and grew up with Reggae as his main musical influence. In the early 90s when the young Jungle scene started, he was a well-known face at parties such as Bassbox, Elevation and Eruption. This is where he studied his first main influence, MC MC, at work and where he got to know and Kemistry & Storm as well as Goldie.

He wanted to be part of this scene and had various MCing and DJing performances. His breakthrough however were his performances at the East London Pirate Radio station, Defection. Shortly after he had his first gig with DJ Rap in 1992. It was a promising beginning but at the end of 1993 he decided to take a break and gave up both DJing and MCing.

In 1996 Justyce returned to the spotlight. Two of his friends regularly played at the Metalheadz Sunday Sessions at The Bluenote club in London. After attending there regularly Justyce decided it was time to return to MCing. One night in July 1996, Cleveland Watkiss , who was a resident there at the time, missed his gig. Goldie invited Justyce to step in for Cleveland at the packed venue. Since then, MC Justyce has been an official Metalheadz MC. His talent, his style, and his unique feeling for the flow of music makes him makes him a well-respected MC. Roni Size, Goldie, Doc Scott and many other big names have at one time or another requested Justyce as their MC of choice. Doc Scott, who by his own admission has never been a big fan of MCs, has always been the biggest supporter of Justyce, and they have toured the world together, combining their talents as the perfect union of music and lyrics.

Fifteen years later, Justyce is still pushing his lyrics and MCing alongside quality drum'n'bass pioneers who can appreciate his experience and ability to stand back and let the music breathe.

MC LowQui

In every sense of the word, LowQui is the complete MC. A host, a lyricist and a crowd entertainer, he brings a passion for drum and bass to the fore that is sure to electrify the dance. His love of the music always comes first and LowQui’s true skill is in matching his flow to the DJ to get the vibe of the night just right. With over a decade of experience at some of the biggest club nights across the UK and beyond, it’s no surprise that LowQui is Goldie’s number MC of choice. In 2008, LowQui looks set to continue his affiliation with the Metalheadz crew.

LowQui’s journey thorugh breakbeat and drum and bass began back in the days of the UK hardcore scene, when the emerging sounds of jungle introduced a new wave of ragga-influenced toasting and hosting in London’s raves and clubnights. Two MCs quickly rose to theforefront and caught LowQui’s attention: the now legendary Stevie Hyper D, famed for his double-time flow, and MC GQ, with his razor-sharp delivery. Combining elements from both and inspired lyrically by the changing face of the city around him, LowQui forged his own style to bring conscious lyrics with maximum effect on the dancefloor. This notion of balance and harmony is at the core of LowQui’s style on the mic and comes from a philosophy embedded in all that he does: no wonder then that the regular London club night he helped to establish back in 2004 is named Essence of Chi.

Covering the whole spectrum of drum and bass, from light to dark and from deep to dancefloor, Essence of Chi was founded on LowQui’s belief in bringing complementing styles together over the course of a club night. The success of their first residencies, at Brixton’s Plan B and the world-famous club Herbal, inspired the Essence of Chi crew to promote larger more ambitious events on their own and in conjunction with well-established names. The crew have since toured across the UK, with MC LowQui appearing alongside residents including Artifical Intelligence, DJ Kane, Sabre, Subterra and Nookie.

His skills on the mic extend beyond club nights and live arenas and, as such, LowQui’s laid down vocals for studio mixes from DJs ranging from Rohan to DJ Kane. In 2006 he appeared on the Mixed and Dispatched mix CD for Dispatch Records head TC1 and has also lent his vocals to Artificial Intelligence for their ATM magazine covermount CD.

Mc Moose

Known as ‘The Godfather’ Moose is one of the most respected MC’s in the jungle scene. Resident of Sunday Roast and part of the Supreme Team (Ron, SL & 5ive O) on Kool FM back in the mid nineties. Moose is still actively working in the scene at events like: Movement, Jungle Splash, Raindance, and Innovation to name a few.


Hailed 'as one of the top ten dnb producers to watch out for in 2010' by Knowledge magazine. Mikal has not disappointed, featured on Metalheadz Genesis Part 2 Ep, a Metalheadz album deal in the bag and a single on Shogun Audio's SGN imprint dropping at the end of January - 2011 is going to be a busy year.

Prolific Bath based producer/DJ Mikal was born in Sweden and raised in South London and has had earlier releases on Soundtrax, his own Mikal imprint and Nu Urban Music.

He's already gained radio support across BBC Radio 1, BBC 1Xtra, BBC Asian Network, Kiss FM and Bass Drive from the likes of Bailey, Crissy Criss, Fabio, Grooverider, Nerm, Dcode and Ray Keith.

Endorsed by the D&B elite such as the likes of Goldie, Andy C, Bukem, Friction, Doc Scott and Randall to name a few. Mikal has cemented his place as 'new boy on the scene - definitely one to watch out for!' (Friction)

Mikal on Soundcloud

Mikal on Twitter


Nucleus aka Dave Sims started djing in 1986, mixing and scratching Hip Hop and Funk breaks. After hearing Double D and Steinski's 'Lessons' and Grandmaster Flash's 'Adventures on the Wheels of Steel', he was inspired to buy a 4-track tape recorder and start making break mixes and hip hop tunes with local rappers. In about 1988, he started going to raves and clubs like the Dungeon, Telepathy and then later the Paradise club (AWOL) and getting into house and early breakbeat, djing at parties and raves staying with the music as it evolved through hardcore and jungle to drum and bass. In 1996 Nucleus started making tunes with Paradox.




Matt Quinn's recordings as Optical skirt the atmospheric side of neuro-funk drum'n'bass, the paranoid musings of a handful of industrial-strength British producers like Ed Rush, Source Direct and Quinn's brother Jamie, who records as Matrix.

By 1998, Quinn had been tapped to contribute his engineering expertise to two of the most hyped jungle LPs of the year -- Goldie's Saturnz Return and Grooverider's Mysteries of Funk. He also earned co-production credits on Dom & Roland's Industry, and continued to release single after single of intense drum'n'bass. After forming his own label, Virus, with No-U-Turn Records don Ed Rush, he was co-billed with Rush on a five-LP set titled Wormhole, the first full-length to actually carry Optical's name.


Outrage (formerly known as DJ Rage) has been closely following drum and bass for over a decade. His first break came at the age of 15 when he gained a slot on Bedfords (UK) pirate radio station Shock FM. It was not long after the broadcast that his vigorous sets began gracing the Bedford area dance floors, catching the attention of fans and future collaborators alike. Outrage would form his first major alliance at the age of 16 when he crossed paths and teamed up with Stomp & Weaver which resulted in his initial production efforts, with the collaborations Check the Flava and Deep in 2 Depth. The affiliation with Stomp & Weaver also helped his career with additional performances, thanks to the inception of two featured club nights hosted by them: Sugar Cubes in Lincoln and Fantasy Island in Skegness. By the age of 18 Outrage’s career as a DJ began to flourish.


His radio audience extended when he gained a spot on Perception FM, the largest pirate radio station in the Bedfordshire area. His audience continued to grow over the course of the following year when he began hosting a show on London’s prestigious Rinse FM and started playing at various events in central Europe, alongside other UK artists. It was also at this time that Stomp had relocated to London and the two began working in the studio; resulting in the duos first major release - Snakes - on L Doubles Flex Records. Soon after Outrage made contact with promoters in New York and Philadelphia booking him for such renowned American drum and bass parties as Direct Drive, Mathematics, and Drink Land.

The year 2000 brought Outrage his most influential alliance yet, when he united with Tronic (now known as Amit) . The two went straight to the studio and over the following two years released tunes featured on such labels as Nu Urban and Chemical Warfare. These successful releases resulted in the pair meeting Digital, the vanguard of dub-influenced drum n bass; further enhancing their production knowledge and skill with his guidance. He has showcased his talent at such festivals as the famous Berlin Loveparade and Hungary’s Sziget Festival. Debuting his live PA skills at Amsterdam’s Ichione Subversive Renaissance in April 2005, Outrage has also crossed over into the category of a live performer. The notorious emotional atmosphere that is created by his fluxes of diligent breakbeats and fervent bass lines can be heard in his Ableton Live PA.

Now it’s 2007 onwards, and Outrage has forthcoming releases on some of the most distinguished labels around, collaborations with equally distinguished artists and some fusion projects alongside Bill Laswell, Herbie Hancock and crew in New York.
Since day one Outrage has been a purveyor of abstract music, providing a unique perspective upon dancefloor music. Honing his skills on labels such as Metalheadz, Inneractive, Intasound, Commercial Suicide, and L Plates, he now chooses to continue pushing sounds which explore the depths of the human imagination by encouraging other producers to pursue their own artist endeavors.



Paradox is International music producer and breakbeat pioneer Dev Paradox. Paradox's career dates back to 1989 when 'Mixrace' was formed with partner DJ Trax. The first professional recording by Mixrace was eighteen years ago back in 1990.

New artist guises surfaced in 1996 in the forms of 'Alaska' and 'Paradox'. Dev wanted to show his diversity by creating two different genre's of drumfunk [a paradox coined term now classed as a musical genre] with Alaska being the ambient moniker of the two, and the name Paradox exploring the drum patterns of 1970's funk.

Paradox remixing duties include the classical indian musician shobha gurtu, 4-Hero for Talkin Loud/Mercury, Yasushi Ide for Warner Brothers, Boom Boom Satelites for Sony/Epic, the chappell library music works for Sony/BMG Uk, Kirsty Hawkshaw, Raf & Illogik featuring Don-E, Deep Blue, LTJ Bukem and Makoto, Justice, James Hardway, NXS, Blue, Trax for Lacerba, Konami Entertainment and Japanese Manga Cartoon Company Marine Entertainment/Avex inc.

Multi-media contributions include exclusive music for USA giant ESPN NBA Playstation and XBOX games, Konami Arcade platform games and Sony Playstation games in Japan and music featured in the Jeff Winner motion picture 'Satellite'. Paradox also released a Live tour DVD with his 4th album on Reinforced records showcasing the extensive tour work that goes on behind making music and gave an insight into the life of the musician.

Paradox's Live credentials also led the BBC to invite Dev to perform live at the BBC studio's for the digital radio service 1Xtra, a first for a live Drum and Bass artist on National UK radio.


Peshay's rise through the drum'n'bass scene has been nothing short of meteoric. Respected worldwide for his releases on labels such as Metalheadz, Good Looking, Mo Wax and Island to name but a few.

His ability to produce at the highest levels and his excellence behind the decks is legendary. When he DJs, 4 minute mixes are the norm and the excitement that he generates describe Peshay perfectly. Always on the go, hyperactive, talkative and passionate.

Whilst growing up, Peshay found himself listening to an assortment of music ranging from opera to electro. His obsession with the new house scene developing in the early 80's made him decide that as far as making a living was concerned this was the path he wished to follow.

Peshay left his job in the printing industry and decided to concentrate full time on his musical career. He bought a pair of Technics and started sending tapes out to promoters which led to his first break at Bass Box in April 91. He also went on to play for Genesis @ Rollers Express, Fascination @ Tasco Warehouse and both Dreamscape & Fantazia. Within a short period of time his DJ'ing ability helped him to secure regular bookings all over the world.

Meeting Goldie one evening led to Peshay meeting Dego and Gus at Reinforced. This led to the "PROTÉGÉ EP" that first brought Peshay into the spotlight. The EP smashed it and this led to an increase in Peshays DJ work.


The recordings of Rupert Parkes as Code of Practice, Aquarius, Studio Pressure, the Truper and Sentinel, but most famously as Photek made him an easy pick for the style's most artistic and intelligent producer. Working his way through street-level hardstep (on early productions for Certificate 18 and Street Beats) and airy, sub-aquatic "dolphin" tunes for L.T.J Bukem's Good Looking label, Parkes finally arrived at a sound that pushed the bounds of drum'n'bass from the dancefloor into the realm of breakbeat headspace; His incredibly intricate rhythm programming often requiring weeks of computer preparation and the unmissable aura of paranoid menace on recordings such as "The Hidden Camera" and "UFO" exerted quite an influence on the return of dark-style drum'n'bass during the late '90s.


Physics is the production moniker for drum&bass producer/DJ and label owner Glenn Grip. He started producing late 90's and it didn't take long before his music was snapped up by international labels. Physics music has been supported by international DJs such as LTJ Bukem, Goldie, Nookie, Marcus Intalex, Marky&XRS, D-Bridge, Bryan Gee, Makoto and many more. Being a busy DJ aswell , Djing work have taken him to countries like Czech Rep, Sweden, Romania, Denmark, Russia, UK, Austria, Estonia to name but a few, playing the sounds of the Midnight Sun.


Randall is definitely a natural when it comes to mixing, saying that the basics took him only a week to learn back in the mid 80s. However, he still had to continue refining his skills by studying music and making tapes every week. One of these tapes, in turn, got him a regular slot on legendary pirate Centreforce FM in 1989. It was here his reputation really started growing. Randall's style has always been fluid and probably always will, but changes in his selection have been noticeable in the past couple of years, with more emphasis on darkside flavas than before. This can be illustrated crudely by his transformation from AWOL resident to Metalheadz regular.


Randall is simply refelecting what's going on around him and, even though some might say his sound has got 'darker', he inhabits that overlap between 'jump-up' jungle and 'darkside' drum & bass. He's always had broad tastes and, as long as those beats are running, there's easily enough room in his set to contrast a wide range of flavas. When you have nothing, your hunger can focus your mind to the task in hand, and sometimes it's a harder job remaining at the top once you've got there than getting there in the first place.


This situation increases the longer you're there - how many DJs out would like to be in the position of someone like Randall? Whilst he doesn't guard against complacency consciously, a significant factor to his continuing success is his sheer passion for the music. You can sense it in his voice when he talks about particular tunes and believe him when he says it's a drug and he needs a fresh fix of tunes in his box every week. When it came to mixing the drum & bass third of the "Dreamscape" album (which he also compiled), Randall was offered Pro Tools technology which basically would have done it all for him. However, he wasn't really with it, and as he had all the tunes on vinyl, said he would rather do it on decks.


The only problem was finding the first tune, but once he settled on Dom & Optical's "Quadrant 6", he rolled out the rest first time in true Randall style. The mix also features the vocal talents of his long time MC, Fats. Fats actually did his thing after Randall and, while his soulful style of MCing might not be everyone's cup of tea, it compliments the hard-edged music perfectly. Randall is better known as a DJ than a producer, but all this may change soon if he has his way. He's no stranger to the studio having co-produced "Sound Control" with Andy C in '95, "Flava's" with Tek 9 on Reinforced's "Above The Law" album and "Hard Noize" with Tee-Bone on his "Strictly Business" compilation. As you can see, all have been collaborations, but Randall now has all the equipment necessary and has been learning it all so he can do everything himself.


However, Randall is in no rush, probably because of everyone's high expectations through his DJing, and is under no illusions about his position in the production game. "I'm at the starting post of making music, and all I'm getting from people that I know that are well in it, doing albums and what not, is 'take your time'. If you love it enough, it will come. I might not make a tune that hits top ten, but if I make a tune that satisfies my heart, that will be enough. It's quality not quantity that counts to me but, at the end of the day, I just want to make good tunes and be out there representing."


With most fellow 12 year old Brazilians kicking footballs round bare feet, Carlos Lima a.k.a S.P.Y was already behind the turntables.


With his Dad on the mic taking latino requests at fun fairs, young Carlos selected the tunes! Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil's capital of d&b, S.P.Y comes from the same beats classroom as Marky, Patife and Drumagik.


With an arsenal of dubplates in his bag, S.P.Y's unique sound has brought him signings from many labels including the mighty Rufige.


North London based Gove Kidao aka ‘Sabre’ emerged onto the Drum&Bass horizon when the DJ turned Producer enjoyed a spell of well-received releases across a range of respected labels back in 2004. Up until then he’d seen a few white label releases, but the support from Jerona Fruits and Emcee Recordings were to elevate his profile into earshot of the biggest names in the genre, and help galvanise his reputation as a twisted yet soulful thinker, bringing a grittier sound to the deeper spectrum of DnB.
After being brought up in the Seychelles, Sabre moved to the UK in 1989 where within a matter of years, now as a young teenager, a passion for Hip-Hop had flourished, engaging in the culture as a bedroom DJ, spending every penny on vinyl. Soon the Jungle Era arrived and overwhelmed at the richness of the music, Sabre started to purchase the occasional release, and eventually switched focus entirely towards drum and bass with the discovery of more futuristic, industrial sounding artists such as Teebee, Ed Rush, Dom&Roland, Future Forces and Photek.
A few years on and the inevitable experimentation with music production had begun, with artists of the day such as Jonny L, Ed Rush & Optical, Kemal and Teebee all providing a major influence, but never forgetting his roots, the ethic of people like Premier, Diamond D, The Beatminerz and Soul Assassins all have a noticeable influence in his production style.
Following a course in audio engineering in 2001 and now having gained early interest from labels and mainstream radio support, the then 21 year old made a slight detour into the world of television broadcasting, the music remaining a priority but now running parallel to a position with BBC News. The balancing act lasted till 2007, and in that period grew an international presence as a DJ and a production portfolio of projects for labels including Virgin V2, Gut, Relentless, Metalheadz, Critical, Renegade Hardware, Bassbin, Revolution, and Horizons music.

Sabre eventually left the BBC, prompted by an invitation to assist in composing a film score for cult director Tony Kaye, on his first project since ‘American History X’. The skills learnt at the BBC however haven’t been put to waste, with a fledging incarnation growing of Sabre as a director and producer of videos and short films.

Always creating new music, and showcasing the best of his collection as a DJ on the dancefloor, the future for Sabre is more of the same by all accounts. A commitment to exploring his own musical boundaries and creating tracks that aim to be unique, but beyond anything fuses the joint passion of music and video in a series of multimedia projects.


Sci-Clone is a side project of the first class drum'n'bass producer A-Sides with the saxophonist Nathan Haines.


Swedish producer Seba has been making top quality tunes for a number of years.  Originating from Ingaro, an island just outside Stockholm, Sebastian Ahrenberg started producing in the early 90s. Working with a basic home studio, he began by making techno, but soon progressed to a more breakbeat-orientated sound, which is know today as drum & bass.

Seba is known for his emotional depth in his music, which is rarely seen in todays drum & bass. In 2001 he started his label Secret operations, as a platform to continue making beats in a deeper and emotional direction.


Senses grew up surrounded by a diverse range of music from an early age, from jazz to soul to classical. Hip Hop though was his first love, as soon as he started to earn money washing cars and mowing lawns he started started buying hip hop. Groups like BDP, De La Soul, EPMD and Public Enemy – "oddly enough something about the music connected with me," he states.

Then came the advent of drum and bass.

When Senses started DJing aged 15, his taste developed in tandem with the burgeoning jungle scene. "It was just a natural development to my taste – it was evolutionary!" By the time he was 17 he was picking up bookings for raves like Awesome101 and Phantasia. His stature within the Scottish scene grew, with residencies at Awesome 101's weekly club (circa 92–93), and at Timeless Recordings’ night at the SubClub in Glasgow by 1995. Senses also later formed part of the DJ backbone of the legendary Edinburgh club night, Manga.

In 2000, Senses made the almost inevitable step into production. "I always wanted to make music, at school I learned to play the oboe, but never really got much encouragement. But it was like an itch, and so eventually I got a loan and bought some equipment, and tried to work out what button did what!" Having spent such a long time frustrated at being unable to express himself musically, Senses can now be found spending a lot of time working in the studio.


Silver has played the world over several times in places like Japan, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Venezeula, Mexico, Columbia, Argentina,Costa Rica, Russia, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Portugal, France, Hungary, England, Iceland, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Holland, Switzerland, Estonia, Norway, Israel, China, U.S.A, Poland, Czek Republic.


The long term production partner of Sonic, the two are rumored to be working a new album. Watch out for that one!


Metalheadz • Hospital • Creative Source • Inperspective Records • Nu Directions • MJAZZ • Exchange Bureau • Prestige Music • Qilin • Deep Soul Music • DSM x Lacoste • Peer Pressure Recs • Driven AM

Sinistarr has made his mark onto the international drum and bass scene with his unique interpretation of his rich musical influences from his hometown, Detroit, the famous city known for its authentic house, techno, and electro. His unique take on his musical influences such as techno artists Aril Brikha, Derrick may, Lucas Rodenbush, Aux 88, Drexciya, Japanese Telecom, Stingray313, and hip hop such as Danny Brown, J Dilla, and Harmonic 313 has been the foundation for Sinistarr’s vibrant and upcoming music career as a DJ and to the richness to his production.

There’s no doubt that the buzz around this prolific artist comes from all around the world from today’s top dj’s such as: Makoto, DJ Ink, Loxy, Asides, Random Movement, Goldie, Marcus Intalex, Lenzman, Commix, Kiat, Lynx, and Need For Mirrors.

The last 2 years have been key in establishing Sinistarr’s stronghold into the spectrum of Drum and Bass DJ’s. 2009 has been the year of numerous feature publications from Knowledge Magazine and other local magazines such as Real Detroit and the Detroit Free Press, and countless airplays on several popular radio shows by Fabio, Pete Tong, Bailey, Crissy Criss (BBC Radio 1), DJ Hype (Kiss) and on Hospital Podcast plays. If you weren’t hearing Sinistarr on the radio, you were catching him live either during various clubs around the Midwest, at his debut performance at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, as well as major dates in other major US cities During his debut tour in 2010 (L.A., New York, Chicago, Orlando) or performing at the 2010 Detroit Electronic Music Festival’s 10th Anniversary last year. That busy schedule did not slow down Sinistarr on the production tip -- His 12 “Solar9/Mainstay” was signed onto the famous Metalheadz imprint and has even gone out of the normal tune-signing circuit, collaborating with Deep Soul Music & Lacoste Shoes on the label's limited edition shoe line.

The future is bright and prolific for Sinistarr. He has an abundance of upcoming releases on the scene’s most influential labels. Look out for his future releases on Metalheadz, Prestige Music, Creative Source, Renegade Hardware, Play:Musik, Lukeino’s Sublife Records, an IDM/Hip Hop EP for Detroit Underground and Eboy's collaborative music project known as Dboy, and remixes for DJ Ink’s Architecture, Makoto, and dubstep producer Jason Burns. Of course It doesn’t stop there --Collaborations are in the works with Mutated Forms, Drexciyan DJ Stingray aka Stingray313, Calculon, Grimm, as well as beginning the prototype stages of his label, Shapes Audio.

2011 is proving once again to be a busy year for Sinistarr, as the next movement in his musical journey rolls on...



Hailing from Wolverhampton, Gavin Skitt better known as Skitty has been a leading force in the West Midlands drum'n'bass scene since the mid-nineties. It all started back in 1991 when he heard early live tape-packs from events such as Quest, Fantazia and Edge. Inspired by DJ's such as Mickey Finn, Top Buzz and LTJ Bukem, Skitty started to buy records a couple of years later at the tender age of 13 and eventually purchased a pair of decks so he too could represent. Fast forward to 2008 and Skitty can be found representing drum and bass all over the globe, with his own production being picked up by many labels.


Some words from the man himself...

'I'm a long-time musical partner of Silver (Sonic & Silver, aka the Accidental Heroes). The two of us have been living on opposite sides of the world for a couple of years, but we've linked up again to come back stronger than ever.

Right now I'm preparing for big tours for our 'Return of Sonic & Silver' project and collaborating with other artists such as Matrix and Dkay.'

Source Direct

Source Direct's music would best be described as dark drum and bass, with a similar sensibility to Photek, but with a slightly harder edge. They are often compared with ambient drum and bass artists such as LTJ Bukem and other Good Looking Records producers, but their work displays a much more percussive assault than the laid-back jungle artists. They described their work as music made in the present for listening at any given time, quoting Goldie's "Timeless" album as a perfect way to sum up what they meant.

Special Forces

An alias of Photek.


With the Drum and Bass market in a state of complete over-saturation, it takes originality, class, and an understanding of quality control to get ahead. Having emerged from relative obscurity in 2006, SpectraSoul, have emerged as one of the new-school pioneers on the drum and bass circuit. 2008 saw the release of their much-anticipated underground anthem “Alibi”, which tore up dance-floors worldwide. Alongside this, 2008 also marked the release of SpectraSoul’s “Peninsula” and “The Tube”, both featured on Friction’s Shogun Audio imprint. The duo show no signs of slowing in 2009, with scheduled releases for Goldie’s seminal Metalheadz Label, Teebee’s Subtitles, D-Bridge’s Exit Recordings, and, of course, further releases for Shogun audio and Critical Recordings.


From his early days on Metalheadz, to his collaborations with Digital to his own heavy and challenging label Inneractive, Spirit has been bringing his own sound to the genre and suprising audiences with every other selection out of the bag.




Storm has always been one of the most influential DJs within drum and bass, known for her tight mixing skills and exclusive selections. As one of the Metalheadz label’s chief selectors, she represents the crew at their residencies, label nights and tours as well as countless solo gigs. More recently, she’s linked with other like-minded female drum and bass artists to form Feline and has travelled with the crew to venues across Europe as well as making regular appearances as Feline at their club night at London’s Herbal.


Affectionately dubbed the First Lady of Drum and Bass, Storm’s career has also had its lows to match the highs. In a tragic accident, returning home from a gig, her best friend and DJing partner Kemistry was killed beside her. Storm carried on with the music beside her, continuing the passion they had shared for drum and bass and leading the way as a role model for aspiring young female artists to break into what is still a male-dominated scene. In 2007 she also received plenty of much deserved press attention. A rarity for a non-producer, she bagged herself a Knowledge Cover feature in Summer, only to top it up with an ATM mag cover mix-cd featuring a ‘History of Metalheadz’ mix. This mix was to help promote the newly established Metalheadz Sunday Sessions at London’s Clockwork club at which Storm is not only a resident but also a promoter and programmer for all bi-weeky line-ups.

The Djing career of Kemisty & Storm had progressed gradually over the years. They were first turned onto jungle in the early raving years, at the legendary UK club Rage at Heaven, listening to the inspiring tracks dropped by Fabio and Grooverider. They became obsessed with the music and clubbing lifestyle, and knew they had to be a part of it. Hence a passion was born and the girls were busying themselves, raving, buying tunes, and mixing.The partnership in d’n’b began and the outcome was Kemisty & Storm. At this time the girls also met a young artist by the name of Goldie, who they introduced to this new and futuristic sound. They began a friendship, or a ‘trinity’, and built an empire along the way.

The empire began with the label, Metalheadz. Kemistry & Storm were an integral part of the uprising of this most-respected imprint by recruiting artists and working on press and promotion for the label. The girls were also residents at the Headz legendary club night at Blue Note in London, which to this day is thought to be the best Metalheadz venue in history. Not only that, but as jungle was evolving into drum’n’bass, the girls were spreading their wings as DJs at Speed, alongside residents Fabio and LTJ Bukem.

The duo became highly respected as DJs through their hard work, determination, respect and kindness, and of course their skills. They were becoming more and more popular in the DJ circuit and regularly played alongside heavy hitters or headlined their own gigs all over the world: from Europe to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, America, and of course, the UK. Frequently playing in Germany, the girls really felt a connection there. They had a high profile mix-CD released by German label K-7,which showcased their talent and unique mixing abilities and great selection, which in turn propelled their success to the next level. Sadly, soon after the promotional tour for the CD ended, and at the height of their career, the girls were involved in the motorway accident where Kemistry was tragically lost.

Not surprisingly, the best mate of Kemistry was unimaginably devastated. But what was a surprise to all of us was her ability to carry on after such a tragedy. After a couple months, Storm was back out there, traveling and performing on her own as a DJ for the first time. She even flew to Japan to do a couple gigs alongside Cleveland Watkiss, showing the world that she is beyond strong.

Now nearly 9 years after the tragedy, the First Lady of drum’n’bass is still here, not just surviving but rocking the decks worldwide, growing from strength to strength as a DJ and as a person. In addition to her big UK following, she is regularly rocking the decks in Germany where she holds two guest residencies, as well as Italy, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, and visiting far reaching places like Spain, Latvia, Bulgaria, Iceland, Russia, Poland, Israel, Romania, Croatia and Macedonia. Beyond Europe, she has and still does grace the decks regularly in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Japan, and other Asian countries such as South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore and China.

She was also the press officer for Valve a few years back. In addition she has on several occasions lectured at the Red Bull Music Academy, where she was teaching young DJs just what it takes to be a d’n’b artist. The Academy flew her out to Sao Paolo, Brazil as well as Vienna and Zurich to have the lady represent the finest in d’n’b talent.

First and foremost however, Storm is still involved with her longtime affiliate, Metalheadz. For the legendary label, she has mixed the ‘Winter of Content’ CD, which was released in October 2005 and was promoted with worldwide tours well into 2006.

2007 was another busy year for Storm. Her latest project is the collective Feline. This group features DJ Storm, Flight, Alley Cat, Miss Pink and vocalists/MCs Chickaboo, Deeizm and Ayah + special guests. They have a successful club night at London’s Herbal club in Shoreditch, as well as Feline feature-nights abroad which in 2007 covered Cardiff, Milan, Budapest, Tallinn, and Graz. 2008 already sees more offers coming in. For the latest details check www.myspace.com/felinednb .

Needless to say that Storm has plenty on her plate for near future, so watch this space. The First Lady of drum’n’bass may be blowing up the decks in your town soon.




With D+B bigger than ever before on a global scale, there is nowhere more up-and-coming than Russia, and Subwave is right at the heart of the Moscow scene. Gleb started to make music with production partner Alexander Rotov over ten years ago, grabbing the attention of the late John Peel no less, with a debut release on Tech Itch recordings in 2001.

More tunes followed with a remix of Tiesto (with Paul B) getting attention stateside and follwing Gleb going solo, a 12" on Goldie's Metalheadz label. Not only a talented Producer, Gleb is also held in high regard as both a DJ and Promoter, and was involved in the first "Hospitality" night in Russia in 2006. He has gone on to promote the massive "Refreshed" night in Moscow's "Propaganda" nightclub with DJ Vipah, as well as DJing all over Russia and across Europe.

Successfully marrying ice cold minimalism with wide open dancefloor sonics, and with huge support from the likes Goldie, London Elektricity, Hype, Fabio, expect more Subwave in your system shortly.


DJ/producer Teebee spent ten years making his mark on the Norwegian drum'n'bass scene, but it only took one album and a handful of singles (on labels like Rugged Vinyl and Moving Shadow) to establish him as a major player in the elitist UK drum'n'bass scene. The 2000 release of his debut album, Black Science Labs, showed the world that Teebee could both play by jungle's rules and fuck with them. The record was an unpredictable mix of sounds that twisted traditional drum 'n' bass formulas but retained a sleek, noirish sound. It was a departure from the UK's traditional pantheon of hip-hop and reggae influence, and it took lots of scenesters by surprise.

His follow-up album, Through the Eyes of a Scorpion, was a dark dancefloor rager that retained the painstaking beat structures of his debut while fine-tuning his hard edge. Teebee has become known for a style that doesn't so much straight-out pummel you but sneaks up quietly from behind and fucks with you. He has often credited this approach as an outcropping of his devotion to martial arts.

Total Science

Total Science are Jason Greenhalgh (Q Project) & Paul Smith. (Spinback)

The pair first met in 1987, both living in and around the Blackbird Leys estate in Oxford, England and brought together through a mutual love of hip-hop and school girls. Greenhalgh was the first into the studio, with "Freestyle Fanatic" launching his career in 1991. However it was the establishment of the Legend imprint and specifically Greenhalgh’s "Champion Sound", which really took their profile above and beyond the slew of anonymous white labels that were dominating the music at the time.

Ulterior Motive

Ulterior Motive have risen through the ranks of drum and bass and are now on the cusp of releasing their debut album via legendary UK imprint Metalheadz.
Their sound is equal parts engineering prowess and dancefloor awareness.

The pair have released on labels including Subtitles and Critical over the past few years but it's Goldie's label Metalheadz that they have chosen as their home. As Metalheadz goes from strength to strength so do Ulterior Motive as they stride alongside one another, there is a firm commitment to quality over quantity that continues to set the label and the producers apart from their peers.

As a DJ unit Ulterior Motive have performed across the globe to rapturous audiences and as a production outfit the pair have remixed Future Cut, Natalie Duncan, Friction and Mercedes.

They have collaborated with the cream of drum and bass producers whilst achieving best-selling status via Beatport and other stores. It's certainly a very exciting time for the pair as they confidently move towards their goals and listeners eagerly await the debut album.

Usual Suspects

Usual Suspects dominated the late 90's with their hard hitting tracks such as 'Killa Bees'. The trio produced a number of tracks together with a select few being signed to Metalheadz. Their career was short-lived but definately memorable.

Wax Doctor

A proper player during jungle's rise from the underground during 1995-96, Paul Saunders' techno background hardly prepared listeners for the mellowed-out vibes and liquid tones of his work as Wax Doctor.

Saunders began DJing in the late '80s, and though he juggled part-time mixing with a full-time football career for awhile (appearing as a reserve with Reading and later Crystal Palace), the Wax Doctor eventually debuted on production as well with several singles for Basement Records during 1992-93.

He worked with fellow techno-head Alex Reece on Creative Wax and Precious Materials, but began drifting towards the growing drum'n'bass fascination with the lighter tones of jazz fusion.

His singles for Metalheadz and Talkin' Loud signalled the new direction, and Saunders signed to R&S -- noted more for listening techno than drum'n'bass -- for two 1996 singles, "All I Need" and "Heat." Wax Doctor contributed a remix to label-mate Juan Atkins for a Model 500 single, "The Flow." R&S released the retrospective Selected Works in 1998.