Quartz - Coercion EP

Quartz has been constructing some of the most cutting edge and enjoyable drum and bass we have heard in recent times and we've been eagerly anticipating the day we can follow up his 2018 'Hall of Mirrors EP'. That day is fast approaching as we proudly reveal the 'Coercion EP' set for release on 19th February.

Comprised of 4 technical achievements propped up by a persistent underlying quality this is Quartz demonstrating a raw yet refreshing sound we can promise a lot more of in the coming years. Key elements of Quartz's character have seen him develop a relationship with Goldie who has been ever-present in both refining his technique and carving out a new journey that doesn't comprise in the slightest. Also featuring Artilect on 'Folding Water', the 'Coercion EP' is a fantastic reflection of Quartz's intricate approach to making music the way he wants to.