John Rolodex - The Rainmaker EP

It's been a long time coming for John Rolodex and a Metalheadz EP, 16 years on from his label debut as a collaborative feature on MDZ.04. The Canadian born and based producer and DJ is considered a pioneer of the North American drum and bass scene, and has released across a variety of labels including his own Machinist Music which he founded in 2010.

John started reaching back out to Goldie in 2017 and over the next couple of years 'The Rainmaker EP' took shape. Across 5 tracks, 6 including a bonus track, John draws from a long history submerged within drum and bass culture, the result of which is captured in the immense title track haunted and driven by Khadija's lavish vocal talents. Throughout the rest of the EP we're treated to an abundance of variety at a consistent standard, from the funk-driven 'La Bodega' to the curiously captivating sounds of 'Interdimensional Espionage' - we're glad to be welcoming John to the label for a long overdue release.