Zero T & Beta 2 - Exiles EP

The highly esteemed Irish duo Zero T & Beta 2 are back on Metalheadz with the 'Exiles EP' - a true, modern-day reproduction of the vintage Metalheadz sound that cemented the labels roots 25 years ago.

Comprising of 6 tracks on the full release, the EP can at times destroy dancefloors with the likes of 'Exiles' and 'Dead Cert', whilst the richly enchanting tones of 'Misdemeanour' and 'Altered Destiny' swiftly serenade the listener at every opportunity. This is a true epitomisation of the definition of a complete package and one that has so far had a strong response from the duo’s peers and heroes within the scene, with a call from Dillinja to Goldie justifiably being the icing on the cake.