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2019 sees Goldie's iconic Metalheadz imprint celebrates its 25th Year in the business. Things have got off to a stellar start with a series of genre bending single and album projects. Having always been about more than just the music though, this is now followed with the first of a series of exclusive collaborations with brands and designers who they have worked closely with over the years. First up is the first in a two piece collection with iconic streetwear brand Stussy, who present this Limited edition Metalheadz 25 x Stussy Snapback.

"Stussy has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. This is our 3rd collaboration and I feel like there's great connection between us. We're both positioned on the knife edge between underground and overground, reaching huge numbers, but never compromising on what we do.

This one is really special to me as we celebrate 25 Years of Metalheadz. We've stood the test of time, still pushing boundaries, but with a great legacy behind us. Headz is a lifestyle, and so is Stussy, and if you see those logos combined, you know it's a killer."
 Goldie - May 2019

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